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Concealed carry Laws in Illinois vs other states like texas - Term Paper Example

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Concealed Carry Laws in Illinois v/s other states like Texas Introduction: Among the states of America Illinois stands fifth in its population. The majority of the residents in the state are centered round Chicago and its premises. The capital city, Springfield is also highly populated…
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Concealed carry Laws in Illinois vs other states like texas
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Download file to see previous pages Later, as the crime rate in public increased by the assailants, many states passed law for concealed carry to prevent individuals from such criminals. Many States in America have recognized the need of concealed carry and subsequent legislations were made. However, in the state of Illinois the bill of concealed carry was not passed in the Assembly even though there are strong demands from people to legalize concealed carry in the state of Illinois. In Illinois the state had taken ample measures for the control of gun. Jens Ludwig and Philip J. Cook in their work Evaluating gun Policy deal elaborately with Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card which the gun owners need to gain. It prevents the spread of gun among the civilians of the state. The owners can resell their guns to only those with valid FOID card holders. Moreover, they have implemented gun control in the state through radical measures. Thus, it can be seen that the Illinois system “provides gun owners with an incentive to verify a buyer’s eligibility status and to resist requests to serve as straw purchaser for friends and family who are ineligible” (Ludwig & Cook, 2003, p. 10). This paper explores a study on the laws prevailing in the state of Illinois regarding the concealed carry, and further, an attempt is made to make a comparative study with other states in America as well. The laws connected with the carrying of firearms in public turned to be a matter of dispute among the states in America. Some states argue for concealed carry and they have made laws in favor of it, whereas the states like Illinois and Wisconsin have objected the notion. To many in Illinois concealed carry seem to a mere dream whereas people in most of the other states are privileged with this freedom. The state laws do not support concealed carry. Among the states 48 support concealed carry. The states that do not allow the citizens to carry a concealed hand gun are Illinois, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. Even though some relaxations are made in Wisconsin and in the District of Columbia, Illinois stands stubborn in the decision of not permitting the concealed carry. To quote governor of Illinois Pat Quinn’s words: “If you're going to the grocery store, you bump into somebody accidentally they take offense and they could pull out a loaded handgun to assuage their anger” (Governor to Veto Concealed Weapons? 2011). The growing demand to establish concealed carry from all walks of the people have made the government to think of the issue and grant permission for concealed carry. Some negotiations are on the move with regard to concealed carrying of guns in Illinois. Difference between Illinois and other states: In Illinois the carry of a fire weapon to a public place is prohibited, whereas many other states like Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, etc allow carry the fire arms concealed in public places. The state Arizona has even been exempted from the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act of 1995.The act was made to prevent the use of gun at the premises of schools in America. As Hanks observes, “the Gun-Free School Zones Act makes it a federal offense to knowingly possess a firearm in a school zone” (Hanks , 2004, p. 16). Some States like Georgia allow those persons who have the license to carry guns to schools. In Illinois it is considered as a serious crime. The case of Joan E. Bruner versus The People of the state of Illinois gets the conclusion that even if a person has been found in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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