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How Willy Loman (and Biff) Challenge Traditional Notions of Tragedy in Miller's 'Death of a Salesman' - Essay Example

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Name 10 May 2012 Assignment Death of a salesman, a play written by Arthur Miller is a story about the waning days of a failing salesman whose ambition in life is to achieve the American dream; the dream being the attainment of prosperity by the element of charisma in one’s life…
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How Willy Loman (and Biff) Challenge Traditional Notions of Tragedy in Millers Death of a Salesman
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"How Willy Loman (and Biff) Challenge Traditional Notions of Tragedy in Miller's 'Death of a Salesman'"

Download file to see previous pages All these aspects turn his life upside down, making the play a tragedy – a conflict not only in the mind of Willy Loman, but also his son Biff, who seeks to find a solution for the turmoil of thoughts that waft past his mind like a raging sea. The play seeks to portray two different American dreams – one where wealth and success are the answer to a happy life, and the other where happiness is the answer to a successful and wealthy lifestyle; both taking place within the same household. However, the play is different from the traditional notions of tragedy; instead of simply being a story where the protagonist fails in life, suffers extreme sorrow because of the inability to cope with a stressful situation, it is a painful story about the relationship between a father and a son and how one’s tragedy becomes the other’s awakening to a better life. Willy Loman is an old man and over the course of time, he faces the delusion of being able to achieve the American dream of simple success by his sales business. He is desperate for his sons to triumph in what he always wanted to and could not and that can also be witnessed in the manner in which he killed himself, leaving behind a handsome inheritance with which Biff could follow in his father’s wake. ...
Willy, on the other hand, was stuck in the labyrinth of life with no desire within himself to find a way out. Many critics write that his surname Loman is actually a pun on the word ‘low-man’ or the low self-esteem that he had for himself considering that he never felt happy about himself or his life. It is pertinent to note that no tragic hero puts himself in the situation knowingly; even if he does so, he always tries to find a way out of the mess that he has created for himself. Willy on the other hand, had no will within him to get out of what he had fallen into. He was lying entrapped within a web of his own lies and delusions that he was not willing to give up on; perhaps life to him was a mere step away from achieving the American dream and he blamed the same on the time and place that he was in life at the time, and thus wanted his sons to carry his name forward by finishing what he had started. However, by thinking about such propaganda all day, he often forgot to understand the turmoil of emotion that his family was undergoing; the love and affection that they had for him and the mental support that they provided him with. When his son Ben states “The jungle is dark, but full of diamonds,” (Miller, Arthur) a metaphor is presented on the death that the salesman took upon himself. Willy’s act of committing suicide was rough like a diamond and he means to say that Willy represents every other salesman in the country trying to realize his dream without understanding the dangers that were obstructing him from doing so, and all of them together make up the entire concrete and commercial jungle where they are trying their best to understand their material capacities. The only place where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Willy Loman (and Biff) Challenge Traditional Notions of Tragedy in Essay)
How Willy Loman (and Biff) Challenge Traditional Notions of Tragedy in Essay.
“How Willy Loman (and Biff) Challenge Traditional Notions of Tragedy in Essay”, n.d.
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Death of salesman / Willy Loman be not smart enough to be success. Willy does not endeavor to open the business of his own and goes on working being less and less regarded by his boss. He even dares not to ask for letting him work in New York where he lives at. His sons however have grown up not as shy as their father. They appear to be reported for stealing lumbers and being rough with the girls of their neighborhood. Nevertheless, at bottom of fact they have grown up the same losers as the father of theirs. Works Cited Cullen, Jim. The American dream: a short history of an idea that shaped a nation, Oxford University Press US, 2004 Hurell, J. D. Two Modern American Tragedies: Reviews and Criticism of Death of a...
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Death of a Salesman as a tragedy doesn't understand his odd behavior. He speaks to the characters from the past that was luckier and friendlier to him, and his sons are disappointed with his behavior. His wife is also unhappy with this, as she understands that he cannot overcome the distinction between the dreams and the real world. As it has been said above, the critics discuss the question if Death of a Salesman can be treated as the tragedy and if Willy Loman can be regarded as a tragic hero. Investigation of this subject demands mentioning the notion of a classic tragedy and its definition, developed by Aristotle. There were four key...
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...09 August Death of a salesman: This paper is primarily based on contemplating the renowned play “Death of a salesman” and the actual reasons why Willy goes through a lot of hardships, and the frustration resulting from those hardships is highlighted and explained. Basically, this paper claims that “the major reason which caused Willy to suffer a lot through his life was his own perpetual weariness, delusional thinking, and terrible lack of energy due to which the few positive elements of his personality like willingness to achieve and audacity got suppressed in the long run.” In death of a salesman,...
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...uttered decisive words just before he left the house. He was upset and mentioned to me something related to his funeral attendance and how it will have a multitude. These words he told me, are those that today make his death presumed a suicide. Nevertheless, my husband died on road carnage just like he previously did but the latter was severe and he could not survive. The late Willy will be greatly missed by his friends, workmates, relatives and more so our family. He will forever stay in our hearts and we appreciate his deeds when he was alive. We forever appreciate the moments we had with him. We loved you but God loved you most. May the Lord keep his soul in eternal peace. Rough...
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