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Name Professor Course Date Violent video games contribute to violence Introduction Parents, guardians, schools and numerous delinquent institutions have blamed violent media coupled with its varied aspects as the source of aggression among the children. Since youngsters, especially when they are in their teens usually watch numerous, violent media games…
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Violent Video Games Contribute to Violence
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"Violent Video Games Contribute to Violence"

Download file to see previous pages This is especially in the schools where some after falling out with their peers have resulted to shootings. Conversely, studies have contended contrary to violence emanating from the violent videos mainly among the children. They contend that, aggression especially among teenage usually emanates from the environment, which nurtures them to maturity or due to mental disorder of an individual. Hence, reshaping one’s character where one becomes violent due to the belief that this is the only way others can understand own situation. Studies have proved that violent gamers normally depict characteristics of antagonism chiefly in their behavior (Craig & Karen 778). This usually extends even long after the turning off the game where the players’ inner emotions become numbed and merciless contrary to those who have not watched. Since, the current, sophisticated media allows the players actively interact with the scenes where with other peers they can compete to prove possessed remarkable expertise to outdo the other. This brews aggression among the players and especially if they are teens, where their control immensely relies on emotions and not intellect because of their immaturity (Craig & Karen 779). Consequently, they turn hostile especially when they are in the midst of other students and when irritated result to killing; similarly the way they see and do while playing during their video sessions. Psychology claims that youngsters develop “Behavioral scripts” where life’s experiences usually record themselves. According Michael Rich, children use this to respond to the external environment, and especially when it seems hostile, they counteract it with the same measure or extra (Craig & Karen 780). Alternatively, they act to outdo or outwit the predicament that is depriving them the comfort they are experiencing via either inflicting pain, which is the environment comprising of their peers. Consequently, they result to hurting them and regretting afterwards of their actions when they sober up. The motivator of all these is what they attain from the violent video games (Craig, Katherine & Gentile 3). Since, most normally place the player on the side of the aggressor. It makes the player start having the feelings of hostility, and one expects the same from those he engages who are ready to fight and resist, but one’s peers are contrary. Primarily, the game offers rewards to the aggressor due to achievements made in pursuance of their opponent while in their mission. Owing to constant urge in playing these games, they normally offer the player to rehearse the entire process involving provocation to the absolute resolution of the conflict, which is death (Ferguson & Rueda 102). Additionally, since these games are addictive, they augment the learners’ skills and embed aggression in their character as they continue maturing. Hence, become part of them, which it may be hard to amend their behavior once they are adults. According to studies, youths’ exposure to video games has resulted to numbing their feelings against horror or both the human and property destruction. Youths emulate numerous sadistic actions evident in these videos and assume that, the only and effective way to deal with life predicaments is via violence (Ferguson & Rueda 105). In this way, youths may not be aware until other people notice and with proper ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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