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Male-Female Relationships - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Male-Female Relationship Abstract For a very long time, the difference between women and men was socially distorted and defined through varied lens of sexism whereby men assumed to be superior to women. Men have tried for a very long time to maintain their domination over women…
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Male-Female Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, romantic relationship remains the main focus of many researchers. The relation now aims at analyzing the social, emotional, mental, sexual and physical aspects between the two periods. Therefore, several interviews were taken to vilify this case. Introduction In any relationship, romance is measured by several factors such as the emotions of the couple. Furthermore, one can measure the strength of the relationship by number of conflicts, occurrences of domestic violence and resolution of domestic violence. In a study carried out, seven groups of participants were studied. An interview was carried out in several parts of U.S. such as cities like New York, colleges and universities like the Harvard University, and in remote places such as Harlem. Furthermore, another aspect that was analyzed during the study was the number of respondents. The study involved seven different respondents like college students, which includes young men and women aged 18-23 years. This group was closely followed by the old in society which involved men and women over 24 years. The third group was the scholars which involved the doctors and psychologists. Furthermore, couples were also interviewed and at the same time the singles were also interviewed. Psychiatrists and police officers gave pout their reports. In this method, related literature was also studied and analyzed. The literature was a report on a research that had been carried out ten years across the line. Research question The purpose of the study was to compare the relationship in early 90s and the present relationship in families. Several factors were measured during this study. In this study we investigated the differences between men and women. We analyzed the physical, emotional, sexual and mental differences between the two sexes. The study aimed at unfolding the differences between the city and the rural area and the influence it has on relationships. We based our analysis on television, radios, movie, music and many more. Furthermore, the study was aimed at investigating gender socialization and age difference in relationships. In our study, we aimed at exploratory instead of testing the hypothesis. In our study, we investigated the number of conflicts in relationships. We considered the level of conflict, the frequency with which conflicts occurred and the ease of resolving the conflicts. Conflicts in relationships can be viewed as the measure for analyzing if a relationship is fairing on well or not. Furthermore, the ease with which conflicts can be resolved is used to determine the number of families which have recently broken as results of conflicts. Research site In our research, we analyzed respondents from Harvard University who included young men and students. The study included respondents from varied cultures and believes. Other respondents from the city and the rural were also analyzed. Among the respondents in New York, we managed to interview about 80 respondents. In the same way, we interviewed 80 respondents from Harlem. The group included both the elderly and young couples. In addition, the analysis of the results involved an analysis of results on a report on a research that was carried in 1987 in U.S on relationship among couples. Research design Our study made use of interview which had several respondents. During the study, several samples were used in specific areas. The study involved both men and women as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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