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Computers. Who invented the computer How did early computers work What were their limitations How would they compare with computers today - Research Paper Example

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Truly, life in the modern society cannot be possible without the use of computers. Computers have actually become a part of our lives, and the world would come to a stop if computers stopped working. …
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Computers. Who invented the computer How did early computers work What were their limitations How would they compare with computers today

Download file to see previous pages... As we celebrate the various advantages of computers in our lives, it is important to make a stop and have a look at the historical evolution of computers. The exact beginning of computer development is highly argued, but many people argue that Babbage was one of the earliest inventors. Other scientists such as James Thomson, Stanley Fifer, Turing, John Atanasoff, Colossus, F.C. Williams, and Tom Kilburn made stepwise contribution to the evolution of the computer. The early computers were large, cumbersome, slow, and had limited memory and computation power. The evolution of technology in information and computing has, however, changed this situation, making the modern computers more efficient, portable, less bulky, and less expensive. This paper will seek to establish the inventors of early computers, the working of early computers, the limitations of the early computers, and draw a clear comparison between the early and modern computers. The early computers had various applications. ...
It was applicable in war machines. On the other hand, the differential analyzer by Vannevar became the first large-scale automatic general-purpose mechanical analog computer. The differential analyzer was a semi-automatic machine that was typically a program controlled. The digital machine by Turing had unlimited memory and a memory reader that read and wrote, under the management of a special program, to different memory locations (Copeland web). The Atanasoff Berry Computer (ABC) used to solve linear and algebraic equations using over 3000 vacuum tubes that increased the working speed of the ABC computers. However, in all cases, there was a need for more advanced software program to enhance the efficiency of computer operations (Raul 2-8). It is highly argued that Charles Babbage is the father of early computers, having proposed the Difference Engine in the 1820s. The Difference Engine was a special-purpose digital computing machine for the automatic production of mathematical tables. It consisted of only mechanical components like rods, pinions, and brass gear wheels. Indeed, in 1990, using the Babbage's designs, Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2 was built and displayed at the London Science Museum. In addition, Babbage proposed the Analytical Engine, which was to have been a general-purpose mechanical digital computer. The Analytical Engine was to have had a memory store and a central processing unit with an ability to select from among alternative actions consequent upon the outcome of its previous actions (Copeland web). Ideally, Charles Babbage’s contributions to computer technology were fundamental in computer evolution. Even though some scientists argue about this, they, however, appreciate his contribution. According to Copeland: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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