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Gender Roles in Much Ado About Nothing - Essay Example

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Gender Roles in Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and is considered the greatest writer of English literature. Much Ado About Nothing was probably written in 1598 and 1599 and is considered one of his best comedies as it combines elements of a comical drama with darker human concerns of human frailty or man’s imperfect nature…
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Gender Roles in Much Ado About Nothing
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"Gender Roles in Much Ado About Nothing"

Download file to see previous pages In the play the majority of characters including Hero, Leonato, Claudio and Benedick are characters who adhere to Renaissance ideals. In contrast, Beatrice stands out as the only character that does not conform to the ideals of the Renaissance period. During the Renaissance, man was superior to woman in all aspects. Women were seen as inferior to men. They were subservient to the men in the family and were expected to obey the men in all aspects of their lives. Men made all decisions and the women were expected to obey them. Women represented virtues such as obedience, piety, chastity, humility and patience. Renaissance society was a patriarchal society. At every point on the social scale, a man was the head of the household. A woman was controlled by her parents throughout her childhood, then, handed over to her husband who would exercise control over her until death. This patriarchal attitude can be seen in the characters of Antonio and Leonato. Antonio advises Hero, “Well niece, I trust you will be ruled by your father” (Act 2 Sc i). A daughter is supposed to obey her father even when it comes to choosing a husband. Leonato reminds Hero how to behave when the prince comes to woo her. Then, when it becomes clear that the prince was on behalf of Claudio and not himself, Leonato accepts the sudden change of son-in-law with no consideration for his daughter’s feelings. He demands that his daughter agree to a marriage whether she approves of it or not. Beatrice suggests that Hero agree with her father only if it pleases her to do so. She says, “Yes, faith, it is my cousin’s duty to make cursy and say, ‘Father, as it please you.’ But for all that, cousin, let him be a handsome fellow, or make another cursy, and say, ‘Father, as it please me’” (Act 2, Sc i. 52 -56). To this, Leonato says “Well, niece, I hope to see you one day fitted with a husband” (Act 2, Sc i. 53 -54). In fact, Leonato is reminding Beatrice that she is a maid, an old unmarried maid, something that is looked upon unfavorably by the Renaissance patriarchal society. In the patriarchal society, a woman’s ultimate goal is to marry and be an obedient wife. Similarly, Leonato displays his adherence to the traditional male role in other sections of the play. Later in the play, following Claudio’s denunciation of Hero, Leonato does not heed to his daughter’s claims that she is innocent and wishes her death rather than live with a tarnished reputation. “Do not live, Hero, do not ope thine eyes, / For, did I think thou wouldst not quickly die, / Thought I that thy spirits were stronger than thy shames, / Myself would on the rearward of reproaches / Strike at thy life. (Act 4, Sc I 123 – 127). Even when the rest of the household believes in Hero’s innocence and takes her side in the conflict, he is convinced of Hero’s tainted reputation. It is only after Benedick and the friar swear they believe in Hero’s innocence, does he relent. Leonato’s love for his daughter only lasts as she protects his name and honor. Once it appears that she has brought shame, he wants her to die and put an end to the dishonor she has brought. Not only does Hero willingly submit to her father as his obedient daughter, she is also willing to submit to her husband as his wife. She is performing her roles as an obedient daughter and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Much ado about nothing
The same kind of incidents happens in today’s life, where love conquers the hearts of many people and they live together a happy married life. Women have been made victims of social injustice, right from the past civilisations to this age. This theme has also been very strongly dealt with in the play, which reflects upon the beliefs of society.
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In Much Ado about Nothing, what is the relationship between female power and language
According to the research findings in the play the relationship of men and women is more varied. It is obvious that the relationship of Hero and Claudio is major factor in the play, and it is fairly tempestuous. All liars at the end of the play are ashamed as the couples marry. The audiences are also made aware that one of the major reasons that make Claudio to marry hero is because of her fortune.
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Nothing in Much Ado About Nothing
Without this kind of study, there is an impression that his plays cannot be understood or enjoyed. His most well-known plays are histories or tragedies, but he is also known for his romantic dramas and love sonnets. Like today's plays, Shakespeare's plays tended to include some element of social commentary as well as a bit of educational enlightenment.
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Much Ado About Nothing
The play keeps true to the title as many of the characters participate mainly in the actions of just observing, listening and nothing. The play deals with the masculine feelings pertaining to women's chastity and the subjugation of women by the male dominated society.
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Marriage in Much Ado About Nothing and Trifles
In examining Benedict and Beatrice’s marriage in Much Ado About Nothing, it seems apparent they there’s great potential this marriage won’t last.
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The relationship between Benedick and Beatrice in the Play and the Film of Much Ado About Nothing
Benedick and Beatrice are like male and female versions of the same character type. They predictably get into arguments with each other, partly to amuse their friends, but partly also because they have so much in common with each other, and make such equal and entertaining sparring partners.
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Feminism in Much Ado About Nothing
The relationship between these two main characters reflects vastly on the bard's own feelings regarding love and marriage, and interestingly enough, the two main characters function as the main critics of love although they later do fall in love themselves.
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Shakespeare and Much Ado About Nothing
Roman drama tended to be grandiose, sentimental and was diversionary - intended to divert its audience from every day cares. Performers in Roman drama were called histriones probably because of their aggressive, attention getting, and exaggerated gestures and speech.
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William Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing
The author of the research touches upon peculiarities of the comedies by William Shakespeare. Reportedly, Shakespeare's use of disguises ironically reveals that a character's happiness depends on the individual's ability to develop into his or her true identity, which, unlike a false identity, is made up of the characteristics of the individual.
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Much ado about nothing: Benedick and Beatrice
Also, being the niece of a wealthy governor and having brought up in a rich family, it would have contrasted with her standards if she ever lost to Benedick. However, once she discovers Benedick loves him and is only tentative to tell her this, she openly accepts him as her life partner because she is too sensitive.
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