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Visual Analysis Project - Research Paper Example

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Visual Analysis Project Institution Date Introduction With globalization and increased competition in the business environment, marketers are increasingly leveraging on advertising strategies to entice customers and gain competitive advantage. Advertisement is an effective strategy for helping organizations communicate with customers and express company’s philosophy…
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Visual Analysis Project
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Download file to see previous pages The Caribbean Chili advert features the image of a glossy man pensively seated in a relaxed posture. The text of the ad says “Alluring, Let the alluring charm of CARIBEAN CHILL take you on a cruise to the islands”. This is followed by ‘KOOL SMOOTH FUSIONS from the House of Menthol”, and appears to be targeting young smokers who want to appear ‘cool’. The image of the pensive man is intertwined in a vast network of lines, depicting the smooth appeal of the product. The background behind the man is a shadow of trees depicting beautiful sceneries common in the Caribbean island, especially at dusk or early mornings. It is the image of delightful twilight sceneries. The advert targets young consumers, and specifically men. A picture of cigarette packet is visibly shown with the words ‘CARIBBEAN CHILL’ plainly written across it in bold. The use of the words ‘Available for a limited time only’ under the cigarette packet clearly communicates the message to the audience. This appears to be a marketing offer. At the bottom a Surgeon General’s warning is clearly printed “Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide”. ...
From the picture, it appears that the Kool smokers are out for a good time with the girls. Further, it appear young male Kool smokers are irresistible. The name of the product is clearly printed on the packets. However, the words on the bottom of the ad are not clear. It could either be a warning for smokers and or information about the advertiser. A critical analysis of the Caribbean Chili ad suggests that the author was trying to promote the product. The use of the words ‘Available for a limited time only’ in the ad communicates an important message to the audience. It informs viewers that the advertisement is a promotion or offer with limited time. The product being promoted and the advertiser are clearly shown. The ad clearly highlights the need for tobacco control policies as illustrated in the Surgeon General’s warning. A critical analysis suggests that the author exemplifies the promotional allowance type of tobacco advertising and promotion. This appears to target both retail and wholesale promotional allowances. Although packaging is an important method for branding and maintaining product appeal, the visibility of the package shows that the author was keen to advertising on the package. The ad is particularly appealing to the youth segment as reflected in the unique packaging. This is especially important given that cigarette packages are not discarded after a single use rather; they are opened each time a cigarette is removed from the packet. Further analysis of the ad shows that the author was trying to send a message beyond the promotion of the Caribbean Chili. The artist demonstrates the beauty of the Caribbean island is illustrated in the background. The beautiful scene of the island is shown in a twilight giving the ad ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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