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The Helmet-To-Helmet Rule - Essay Example

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Date THE HELMET-TO-HELMET RULE Well, as the argument goes, the new Helmet-to-Helmet rule has ruined the game of football. The issue has been a topical affair in the face of emerging concerns regarding the safety of football players…
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The Helmet-To-Helmet Rule
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"The Helmet-To-Helmet Rule"

Download file to see previous pages It is seen that the new helmet-to-helmet rule works effectively in reducing the number of concussions. This is basically achieved through the measures introduced by the rule, which holds the players accountable for their actions. The defenders are thereby limited in their hard hits. Thus it is realized that the rule has reduced the head injuries that were a common occurrence in the early days before its implementation. The rule receives much support on the conventional view that it greatly mitigates the serious injuries while also punishing those who fail to observe the rules of the game. Such accountability, it is argued, is very important in bringing sanity into the game. It has been realized that the graduating students who join the National Football League (NFL) are becoming bigger and stronger yearly. In that regard, the number of injuries associated with the game is increasing. The game is also becoming more violent given these types of players. The rule is certainly very timely considering that most of the rules that usually defined the game of football are seriously ignored. In the last few years it has been realized that that most defenders have practically shifted from the conventional methods of tackling and usually confront their opponents head fast. Such dangerous moves usually create crushing tackles. Well, football is certainly intended to be a violent game and most of the hard moves are certainly within acceptable limits (Wingate 78). Nevertheless, proponents of the helmet-to-helmet rule argue that some of the moves made by the defendants are practically unnecessary. As such, given the frequent concussions, it creates the need to control much of the game through the application of universal rules. The new helmet-to-helmet rule is therefore very appropriate and should be supported at all costs considering the important transformation it has brought into the game. One fundamental benefit of the helmet-to-helmet rule is the reduced number of head injuries that have been associated with its implementation. In each football season, it is estimated that over 20 percent of high school players and 10 percent of college players usually sustain dangerous brain injuries each year (Carter 49). Well, such statistics are shocking and should therefore trigger a new sense of thought in that respect. The increase in the number of concussions is partly attributed to the increasing speed in the games and the defiance of the rules that guide the game. The new helmet-to-helmet rule is therefore perceived as a remedy to the cases of concussions, which usually cause long term effects on the affected people. Such effects include dementia, loss of motor skills and occasional memory loss. These are very dangerous effects that should be controlled at all costs. The imperative of this particular rule at this point in time cannot therefore be underestimated. The challenge is further compounded by the results revealed by new research and evidence which reveals much serious effects of concussions on the affected people. David Kusher in his research realized that cases of multiple concussions spanning over months or years might result into serious neuropsychological deficits. It is also realized that continuous concussions over shorter periods might translate to the second impact syndrome. In this case, a concussion obtained while a player is on recovery from a previous one might lead to a condition known as progressive cerebral edema. Three or more concussions are likely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The Helmet-To-Helmet Rule Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1447622-objective-to-practice-locating-and-evaluating.
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