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Composing an Argument on Patient Safety - Essay Example

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[Instructor Name] Patient Safety If we look back to a few years about a decade we can observe that a lot many deaths were the result of the doctor’s irresponsibility and hospital carelessness. People used to give away their lives in vain…
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Composing an Argument on Patient Safety
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"Composing an Argument on Patient Safety"

Download file to see previous pages After some serious riots from the people the government started to think over this issue and started searching for ways to solve this issue (Mantel 2012). A committee was setup to solve this issue at its earliest and provide with a solution that is practically applicable. The committee came up with a revolutionary solution. They suggested instead of blaming hospitals, doctors or nurses the whole system should be changed. A very keen investigation should be made so that each and every issue that leads to preventable deaths can be controlled like taking proper care of the pharmacy, hygiene should be given high priority, nurses should be well trained, they should not be made to do over duty, there should be a proper communication between the hospital ward and doctor and other such practices. Different programs have been started to keep a check and balance on the health care system of different hospitals. These programs have certainly proved beneficial and effective in controlling the health care systems and improvement have been seen as the death tolls due to the carelessness and faults of the health care have been considerably decreased (Mantel 2012). The government has started certain programs in which the nurses and the hospital wards were given special training and education so that they coordinate perfectly with the doctor and the patient as well. They are also taught a number of different languages so that they do not create problems while communicating with the patients and do not create any problems for the patient. In earlier years we have observed that many health care related issues in foreign countries occurred because the nurse could not understand what he wanted to say and therefore confusions would arise and wrong approaches could be made. The nurses were taught to remain alert and attentive in all situations and must have a very quick response to any emergency situation. The nurses were taught a very important factor that while working they should not lose their patience and do not provide any harm to the patient if they are misbehaving. Likewise private organizations have also initiated such programs to create awareness and train the nurses. Doctors are also made to attend different sessions and seminars to make them aware of the different ways they can handle their patient with utmost care and delicacy. It sometimes happens that doctors due to certain reasons may not listen to the patient willingly and as a result of which maybe that the patient might not be given the right treatment that he needs. The doctors are made to realize that they are the responsible person at the hospital and it is their duty and obligation to carefully and properly examine the patient and give him the right treatment. Doctors are also made to learn more language rather than their own mother tongue so that they can have no problem in communicating with the patient (Vecchion 2005). In the earlier years it was a common practice that the nurses would mark the position on the patient where ever the surgery had to be conducted and as the nurses are not that well educated therefore they were very likely to make mistakes. The change that has been initiated in the system is that now the doctors are given the responsibility to mark the patient so that the chances of any errors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Composing an Argument on Patient Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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