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Joseph Epstein The Perpetual Adolescent - Essay Example

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[Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Name of Course] [Date] Joseph Epstein “The Perpetual Adolescent” Joseph Epstein in his article The Perpetual Adolescence has appointed a realistic approach to percept about adulthood and being mature. Epstein has considered adulthood as a phase in everyone’s life, who has gained maturity and wisdom through experiences…
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Joseph Epstein The Perpetual Adolescent
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Joseph Epstein The Perpetual Adolescent

Download file to see previous pages... This argumentative paper aims to defend my view of growing up and gaining maturity that should also be projected by media. The defensive account will be made in the paper by taking examples from Epstein’s article into consideration. The reason why I consider growing up as a wise phase in life is due the experience of older people that have allowed the young ones to learn from and understand the difference between right and wrong. The distinction between the adolescents and older people is in terms of experience. I would say that gone are the days when men and women were proud of the fact that they were growing wiser. Epstein has also stressed on the same view in his article by comparing example of intellect of older people with Aristotle (Epstein). Similarly, older generation needs to understand that they have the power of experience that would allow them to have a mature approach towards life. Maturity should be considered as an asset by the older generations, which is now not given due consideration. It is because even older people are impressed by the false youth culture being projected by the media. Such a claim as per my observation becomes easy to understand by considering modern day older women as an example of this. Older women are no more reluctant to follow fashion trends displayed by young models in the media (Epstein). American women who are growing wiser must understand the distinction between youthfulness and adulthood, and then follow the trends. Similar example has also been given by Epstein in his article stating that women undergo a great deal of plastic surgeries just to look young because they think that being young and by following adolescent culture they will be valued more. However, the true attractive feature of women is when she grows older and wiser (Epstein). I believe that Epstein’s view on the faded line of distinction between the youth and adulthood in terms of the American nation is correct. At one hand, being young is not dire as adolescents have a lot of energy because they get to see new in life and are full of creativity; while on the other hand, becoming older and wise is a blessing as individuals have already been through crucial moments of life. But it should be noted that the media has misinterpreted the distinction between these two phases of life. The American nation has become a victim of the media’s agenda to sell youth culture depriving the confidence of living a life with wisdom and maturity (Epstein). I have also observed that our society has also accepted the youthful culture being projected by media in this way. This acceptance has led lives of adult to become miserable, as they have started to run after the youthful culture. The point to be noted here is that the adults are chasing youthful trends and culture which has passed them long before and it is about time that they must live with mature decision-making in every aspect of life. Society and media should go hand in hand to make a difference in people’s view for growing older and wiser. Media should celebrate experience of older people by appreciating them. Media should enhance the need of maturity that is lacking in the American society (Epstein). Through the above counter arguments, it could be said that adolescences have the energy that can create implications of a vision. Youth can be strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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