Should We Legalize the Sale of Human Organs - Research Paper Example

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Should we legalize the sale of human organs? It is a fact that selling human organs is a sin and there are no other opinions about this dogma whenever the discussion centers on its moral basis, anywhere in the world. Selling human organs throughout the world is considered a sinful exercise to begin with…
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Should We Legalize the Sale of Human Organs
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"Should We Legalize the Sale of Human Organs"

Download file to see previous pages Then again, there are individuals who believe it is reasonably sound to sell human organs because others need them to survive as well. This is a counterargument that holds quite a lot of weight, but the manner in which this counterargument is raised holds the legibility issue nonetheless. Now the support factor is being seen as an authoritative one because people believe that the right to live and survive is held by just about everyone in this world and they should not be denied the same due to ban on selling and purchasing human organs (Kaserman 2005). The argument, however, stands in complete denial of what the counterargument is and this is one aspect that needs to be considered, contemplated upon and discussed time and time again. During this discussion, the ‘con’ side of selling human organs is paid emphasis upon so as to inform all about the negatives that arise on a consistent basis. Selling human organs is a problematic matter, because nature has gifted mankind with several organs in the human body, and the human being has no right whatsoever to trade off these significant organs for a any amount of money. It is indeed very wrong on the individual’s part to even think this way because nature has given him a responsibility to protect his organs and not to donate them to earn money. There are several others in the world who do not have the organs fitted in their bodies or have them with malfunctioning over a long period of time. Now the duty of the morally sound and sane individuals is to understand where they are going wrong and adopt a corrective stance so that they can be thankful to nature in essence. The ones who believe it is right to sell their body parts and organs should be asked the question that if they did not possess them in the first place, what they would trade off with? The answers would be difficult to find fofr such difficult questions and, hence, it is always a good idea to let the thinking mechanisms go off which tell about trading, selling and purchasing human organs. Those, who still indulge in them, are ungrateful to nature and do not understand what they are getting into. It is only with the passage of time that nature teaches them a lesson that they learn sooner rather than later. Another argument that stems from the ‘con’ of selling human organs is that it becomes a matter of absolute nuisance for the medical fraternity because they do not get the hang of selling human organs every now and then just to earn money on the part of an individual. Since these human organs are being discussed by people at large as to why they are being sold in such a way, the need is to understand that the selling premise must not come about as openly as it does quite often. There is a dire need to comprehend the fact that certain bans should be in place so that selling and purchasing of human organs is there, and is taken as a crime in the most heinous sense possible. Now when the human organs are being exploited by taking away the same from the bodies of sick individuals without even informing them, then this counts to gross measures of cheating, human deception and dishonesty (Kolnsberg 2003). Even some medical personnel are involved in such horrific trading measures which add up to the wrong side of the discussion. How this matter will be resolved in an amicable fashion depends directly on the shoulders of the society more than anyone ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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