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Illegal P2P File Sharing on Institutions of Higher Learning - Research Paper Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Illegal P2P File Sharing on Institutions of Higher Learning 1. Introduction Illegal P2P File Sharing is a phenomenon that has negatively affected the music industry. Napster was in 1999 becoming the first peer-to-peer file sharing…
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Illegal P2P File Sharing on Institutions of Higher Learning
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"Illegal P2P File Sharing on Institutions of Higher Learning"

Download file to see previous pages Facilitating parties such as P2P providers have been held secondarily liable for the infringing activities too. Institutions of higher learning such as colleges and universities have been targeted by the efforts of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to eradicate illegal file sharing rampant among students (Tanaka 22). Even though Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) limits the level of liability of Internet service providers (ISPs) who may provide internet connection to infringing user of P2P file sharing, RIAA argues that there is a special relationship between college networks (ISPs) and their students different from that commercial ISPs have with their customers. This is aimed at increasing the liability which colleges carry from infringing activities of students (Varian 48). There is a possibility of high financial and academic cost of restriction of P2P file sharing in campuses. The following paper explorers the solutions to illegal P2P file sharing activities in colleges. 2. Response to Illegal P2P File Sharing by the Music Industry Mora than 50% of college students download music illegally. In the year 2010, 1.6 billion illegal music downloads were associated with students of higher learning. Such statistics are the reason why RIAA decided to concentrate on deterring illegal P2P file sharing in college. ...
of the music industry, has also introduced an education bill which ensures that colleges follow certain guidelines aimed at eradicating illegal music downloads. If these institutions fail to comply with such procedures, they risk losing all or part of federal fund assistance. According to Gopal, Sudip and Lawrence (81), “the procedures in the education bill include; (1) make college policies regarding illegal downloading and distribution of other copyrighted material publicly available for all students and employees, and (2) develop a plan to offer alternatives to illegal downloading as well as offer “technology-based deterrents” to prevent illegal activity.” 3. Relationship between College and Students The relationship between colleges and their students can be said to be special. This is because colleges have a high tendency and ability to control actions of their students. This is possible through provision of resources such as security, food and sometimes housing (Gallaway & Douglas 37). Even though majority of student are adults in their own capacity, they remain under rules and regulations designed by colleges to control the conduct of students. With this fact, college-student relations are special and can therefore warrant a duty on the college to monitor their internet networks and make efforts toward reduction or minimization of infringing activities such as illegal music downloading (Castells 77). From the argument that colleges have a great impact on the structure of a student’s life by providing them with food, housing, security and controlling their activities through rules and regulations, colleges can be said to have a special relationship with their students. This relationship is justified by comparing it to that of a parent and a child. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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