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The Dell's Theory of Conflict Prevention - Essay Example

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Margarita Pochtovaya Catherine Shelton ENC 1101 March 12, 2012 The Dell's Theory of Conflict Prevention Motivation has been the subject of diverse research studies delving into intricacies and factors that influence the evolving process. In human behavior in organizations, for example, the need for increased understanding of motivational factors fall under the jurisdiction of leaders and managers who aim to maintain and develop human resources as a means to facilitate the accomplishment of identified goals…
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The Dells Theory of Conflict Prevention
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Download file to see previous pages There is likewise the need to integrating the use of communication in global supply chains to determine its impact in the prevention of war through citing Kwame Anthony Appiah’s “Making Conversation”. In addition, one aims to determine how world supply chain gets people of the world engaged with each other into an activity with the projected positive outcome on a global realm, again with reference to Appiah’s “Making Conversation” and his concept of “cosmopolitanism”. Finally, one would delve into an evaluation of religions aspects through identifying how two countries, like India and the USA for instance, with different religions, but involved into the same business, can contribute to the world’s stability. In this regard, one would ultimately aim to prove that Friedman’s Dell Theory is a valid theoretical contention that confirms that countries which are participants of a global supply chain would be hesitant to go into war for economic gains. One strongly agrees with Friedman’s Dell Theory that “no two countries that are part of a major global supply chain, like Dell’s, will ever fight a war against each other as long as they are both part of the same global supply chain” (Friedman 125). The discussion of the global supply chain illumined one’s understanding that global organizations, such as McDonald’s or Dell, form stronger alliances through a structured communication process that effectively delivers the customers’ demands. This communication process was already identified by Appiah when he cited Voltaire and averred that there is this expressed understanding “of the obligation to understand those with whom we share the planet, linking that need explicitly with our global economic interdependence" (Appiah 59). Through the global supply chain that contains clear and explicit communication process and patterns from the sources of materials and supplies up to the point where products are delivered to the doorsteps of consumers, more countries benefit economically and therefore, these countries would do everything within their powers to disrupt the continuous global supply chain flow. As evidenced by the concept of cosmopolitanism, explicitly that which was disclosed as “"Cosmopolitans . . . regard all the peoples of the earth as so many branches of a single family, and the universe as a state, of which they, with innumerable other rational beings, are citizens, promoting together under the general laws of nature the perfection of the whole, while each in his own fashion is busy about his own well-being” (Appiah 59) prove that the global supply chain validly and credibly acknowledges the universality of a global organization’s mission and goals. The more people are aware that being part of the global supply chain is beneficial for the local economy and as part of a global process, the more that economic gains are highlighted to outweigh geopolitical pursuits. One supports the statement that the global supply chain is an instrumental technique for global diplomacy “to the extent that countries tied their economies and futures to global integration and trade, (and thereby) it would act as a restraint on going to war with neighbors” (Friedman 125). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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