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Social Media Affect Culture and Community - Research Proposal Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Social media affect culture and community Culture and customs are at the centre of the social order in every community. Therefore, most things in the social surroundings are entrenched in some basic laws that are not only obeyed by social systems but also unlimited number of networks…
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Social Media Affect Culture and Community
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Download file to see previous pages With newspapers printed daily, they inform the public of previous occurrences. Therefore, the public is acquainted with the information and events that are occurring all over the world (Loch et al, 45-63). The non-print media consist of broadcasts that are made via the television, internet, and radio. The teens and adults have adopted and utilised the social media in a fast manner. This is in reference to information technology that has rapidly grown in the last decade. A community is defined by people’s culture. This is because; this culture enables them to create social norms that are acceptable by culture. The Arab spring is as a result of the impact social media has had on culture and community. The six neighbourhood necessities included health, safety, economy, environment food, and children. Therefore, to harmonise all these, social media come in handy. The creation of a virtual community has resulted into myriad results. In some, it eliminates the five senses present when talking to someone personally. Meanwhile it makes some people become more outgoing because; they are comfortable communicating through the net. I will, therefore, emphasize on the effects of mass media on culture and society by explaining and define this theme for greater understanding. Background The Arab Spring is a groundbreaking wave of demonstrations and protests that have been witnessed in the Arab world since late 2010. This has resulted into rulers being forced from power in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt. This is, in addition to, Libya that faced the same with the death of their president late 2011. Social media were so significant in the organisation, communication, and creation of awareness of these uprisings. The Arab awakening in Egypt started in January 2011, and it resulted into the Hosni Mubarak’s government being overthrown and later Mubarak charged in court. Statement of the problem Mass media participates and assumes a vital responsibility in people’s lives. We are, therefore, manipulated in the preferences and aspects that we always perceive as crucial in daily lives. With the development that has occurred in the media following globalisation, one would wonder if it Is beneficial to the community. There are numerous views concerning the mass media acting as a means of for rational debating featuring the scope of biased and cultural viewpoints (Dubai school of government, 1-30). Therefore, the study of versatile dimensions of film, internet, and broadcasting continues to convey extensive control and global reach that is characterised by many effects and impacts (Dubai school of government, 1-30). After witnessing the powerful nature of media and how it has been in the Middle East, this has resulted into this significance of social media being held on a pedestal. This has propelled the Arab spring forward, in addition to, the function it has played in bringing a formidable change to the ordinary people in the street. This is because of the availability of mass media among people that have seen a large percentage of people own mobile phones. This has resulted into free and fast flow of communication leading to exposure of anomalies in the society. The research will thus be a step forward in determining the extent of social media on culture and community. Purpose of the study By focusing on the effects of mass media on culture ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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