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Segregation in Prisons - Essay Example

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Segregation in Prisons Name University Abstract Before the year 1950, the prison systems in the United States followed the policy of racial isolation of prisoners. The white prisoners enjoyed greater rights as compared to their counterparts. These things started to change after several court judgments…
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Segregation in Prisons Essay
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"Segregation in Prisons"

Download file to see previous pages Racial segregation promotes a further buildup of negative sentiments and hence leads to riots. The isolation of HIV positive patients does not provide for any added benefit as well but rather results in demotivating HIV positive prisoners to seek treatment. With greater insight, it is seen that this isolation of prisoners is against the constitution and is not ethically or morally acceptable. Segregation in Prisons With the development of the human mind, new debates and arguments have arisen on issues that were not considered to be significant before. Human beings have understood and analyzed the fact that they possess their civil liberties and privileges and they have the right to fight for attaining them. The right of prisoners is one such matter that has come to be understood and segregation of prisoners has been a subject of debate and argument. The first and foremost reason that was identified for the segregation of prisoners was on the basis of race and many court rulings were passed in this regard. Another reason for prisoner segregation that has been identified is the isolation of prisoners on the basis of diseases like HIV. Racial segregation and segregation of prisoners on the basis of disease has been a subject of controversy and this isolation of prisoners has been termed unjust by many rulings and human rights organizations. Racial isolation of prisoners has been a part of the prison system in the United States prior to the second half of the twentieth century. This racism was so deep rooted that it was supported on the state level and it was a compulsion to observe this separation in the prisons. This separation in prisons also clearly upheld the white supremacy and it was seen that the white prisoners were considered superior to the others and were kept in better conditions and were provided for better chores in comparison to the other races. The situation started to change following the year 1954 when a first judgment was passed by the Supreme Court of the United States to put a halt to this separation. This change was not revolutionary and many prisons continued to follow the same policy of separating prisoners according to their race. This was owing to the fact that the prison administration was mainly at the disposal of the caretakers of the prisons and outside intervention in their management policies was neither welcome nor checked. The years following 1960 did bring about a slight change owing to the active movements for the rights of people but this change was not large enough. Until the end of 1970, a small change with regard to this segregation was seen but still the racial mixing in prisons was very low and different prisons followed different rules. In the years following 1980, changes were observed and the presence of prisoners of different races in a cell together could be seen. These changes could be attributed to the intervention of the public in matters of the state and a stand being taken by the common man and also owing to checks being kept on the prisons. Two important rulings that have been considered to be vital in overcoming this issue of separation of prisoners on the basis of race were the judgment of 1966 in Alabama and the judgment in the year 2005 in California which clearly stated that this racism should not be practiced. The 2005 judgment went further ahead and placed a clear condition that prior to placing prisoners in isolation, approval from the lower courts was essential (Siegel & Bartollas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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