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Evolution-Different Perspectives - Essay Example

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Evolution-Different Perspectives Your First Name Your Last Name Date Submitted Evolution-Different Perspectives There are few issues in history that have generated as much controversy as evolution. A scientist, Charles Darwin, who lived during the Victorian era, initiated the debate in a major way…
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Evolution-Different Perspectives
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"Evolution-Different Perspectives"

Download file to see previous pages Darwin’s understanding of the universe shook the foundations on which the then understanding of human ethics and morals rested. This paper shall seek to analyze the main points of this debate and the different perspectives that have been employed to understand it. The paper shall also seek to analyze the problems that are posed by alternative theories regarding creation, especially that of divine creation. Darwin’s understanding of the universe and its creation was a very scientific one. It entailed a very rational view of the scientific world. He held the process of natural selection to be responsible for evolution. The phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ which has today been adopted by many corporate gurus for motivational speeches, is one that Darwin employed to explain the process by which certain traits are eliminated from the gene pool of a certain species. This, according to him, was also the reason behind the extinction of certain species from the face of the earth. Traits that would make members of a species able to survive the hardships that they had to face in life were the ones that would survive. This can be seen in the case of animals. If a certain animal has a certain favorable trait, it is more likely to find a mate that would lead to procreation. This would lead to this trait being transferred to the next generation. If favorable traits are weakened over generations, then the gene pool of the entire species would be weakened. This would increase the chances of the species to get extinct. Adaptation to a certain environment, according to Darwin was the only way in which species could survive. To take an example from the animal world, giraffes with long necks have survived. Earlier explanations to this theory included ones that attributed the length to straining of the necks to reach higher leaves. This, however, is not true and the elimination of genes that cause shorter necks from the gene pool is now considered to be the real cause. Amongst human beings, a person with a high intelligence is likely to find a mate with a high intelligence. This would increase the chances of the next generation being one that has a high intelligence. This process would continue and this would increase the chances of a certain gene surviving in the gene pool of the human species (Darwin, 1995). Many condemned Darwin’s theories and the condemnation continues to this day. The main reason for this was the opposition to his ideas by religious groups, especially Christian groups. According to Christianity, the world was created by God in six days, after which he rested for the seventh day. This theory of divine creation where humans appeared on the scene immediately, and not through a scientific process of evolution, stood refuted by the theory of Darwin. Moreover, the theory of natural selection and the adage ‘survival of the fittest’ made existence on the earth similar to a race. In the Victorian era, people were unable to adjust to these theories since their existences were based, overtly, on codes of morality that were Christian. Even oppressive and exploitative economic systems like colonialism needed to be justified according to Christian theories. In this context, Darwin’s interventions made people think of a world where the sinner would not be punished and the good would not be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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