Death Epitomizes American Dream, Society and Time (The Great Gatsby) - Essay Example

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Death Epitomizes American Dream, Society, and Time Our purpose is not entirely measured by the things we possess on earth, but it is the essence of living in peace, harmony, and truthfulness since the day we were born until our last day. This message has been the realization of F…
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Death Epitomizes American Dream, Society and Time (The Great Gatsby)
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"Death Epitomizes American Dream, Society and Time (The Great Gatsby)"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will discuss the significance of Gatsby’s death based on the three points: death of American dream, death defines the decayed or rotten society, and death conveys the limitation of time. Hard work, success, and prosperity symbolize the American dreams, which are grounded on their aim for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Gatz is presented as a man filled with spirit: aspiration, commitment, braveness, and faith. This is evident in his longing for Daisy when Gatsby stated that he seemed closer to Daisy similar with the distance of the star to the moon. He further exclaims his proximity to his dreams -- the green light on a dock (Fitzgerald). Gatsby once believed that his dream is impossible to achieve because of his distance to Daisy, but he realizes that his hope and faith never vanish. The commitment of Gatsby to Daisy is apparent in the years that have passed. For five years, they were separated, which inspired Gatsby to accumulate wealth that could make her proud of. Fitzgerald wants to emphasize the authentic American dream, which is not adulterated by wealth. The only visible value in the life of Gatsby is the American spirit embedded on his heart through representing his love and commitment for Daisy. Nick ascertains in his observation that Gatsby possesses an exceptional quality that is hope in which he will never find in others (Fitzgerald). This represents the death of American dream, which Fitzgerald aims to restore. He sees it as the authentic American dream that has a substance, which is far from what the 1920’s projection that wealth is an answer in order to belong in the upper strata or to buy love and happiness. It is proven by Fitzgerald that wealth accomplishes nothing. Furthermore, Fitzgerald wants to retrieve the lost American dreams through the death of Gatsby. Its ending serves as a warning to Americans that when the 1920’s perspective continues, the American’s vitality or spirit is lost. We must stop deceiving ourselves that green will lead us to a valuable and significant future in order to restore the American spirit. The unhappy ending of The Great Gatsby symbolizes the decayed society. We all know that society comprises of individuals or group of people; hence, the rotten society is represented by the characters of Tom Buchanan and Daisy Buchanan, Myrtle and George Wilson, Jordan Baker, and Jay Gatz. Nick concludes the story represents west because they are Americans that have common flaws that are not compatible with the Eastern life (Fitzgerald). This line indicates the commonality in Westerners, which depicts lies, carelessness, inhuman, self-centered, hypocrite, and pretentious. Jay Gatsby erases his past, and he is driven by his dream to accrue wealth through the easy money or illegal activities. Furthermore, Gatsby deceives people in his family and educational background by telling that he comes from an affluent family in the middle-west and obtain his education in Oxford because of a family tradition (Fitzgerald). Fitzgerald points out the desire of Gatsby to be accepted in the higher strata, so he devises story. Tom and Daisy Buchanan are an epitome of selfish, inhuman, and careless human beings. Fitzgerald identified them as careless people -- they break things and individuals, then easily escape with their money, and allowed other people to resolve their problem. Tom and Daisy symbolize the new American dream, w ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Death Epitomizes American Dream, Society and Time (The Great Gatsby) Essay)
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The Great Gatsby: A dream undefined

The author states that Gatsby had a strong attachment to this mysterious light as the author states, “Gatsby believed in the green light”. The green light was Gatsby only diminishing hopes to ever get back with Daisy, which unfortunately never occurred.  In addition, the green light also represents that of the quest for the “American Dream”.

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The Epoch of Dream: The Great Gatsby

The author states that the use of symbolism has been unique in this novel.  A green light here in this novel, portrays a strange thread of hope in Gatsby’s life.  There is a green light in the dock of Daisy’s East Egg house, that is hardly visible from the West Egg place of Gatsby, but that is a constant hope to Gatsby signifying a future to Gatsby.

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