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Married to Man (The Omnivore's Dilemma Book) - Essay Example

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I. Married to Man A. General information 1. Information about corn B. Growing corn 1. Discusses the growing procedures C. Corn depends on human effort 1. Explains the dependencies of corn D. The economy of corn 1. How national economies depend on corn E. Corn as Fuel 1…
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Married to Man (The Omnivores Dilemma Book)
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"Married to Man (The Omnivore's Dilemma Book)"

Download file to see previous pages It is grown in many parts of central and eastern Africa, South America and some few parts of Asia. South America accounts for about 73% of the world’s commercial corn production. The least production of corn occurs in Asia where the production is less than 5%. Corn has many uses such as animal feed, human food, production of fuel and manufacture of syrups used in making sweets and preparation of medicine. Both the new and Native Americans totally depend on corn. In other words, it may be said that corn is married to a man. This explains its existence up to this time in life. Were it not for the continued planting of the same corn season after season by man, it would have experienced extinction. This article looks at how corn and man enable one another to survive and reproduce. Growing Corn At least 65 degree soil in needed to properly plant corn; therefore, it is always best to plant in the summer. To create the best harvest season different types of corn should be planted such as open-pollinated, sugar-enhanced, super-sweet, and synergistic. The earth should contain much nitrogen, and early planting of the early season varieties will produce the best harvest. When apples are in full bloom on the trees is a very good time for the corn to be sowed. New grass, rotted manure, or compost mixed with fertilizer, soybean, or alfalfa. The seeds should be planted 4 inches away from each other 1 inch into the soil and separated into rows of3, approximately 24 inches away from each other. The later varieties also need to be thinned 12 inches away from each other, and the earlier varieties at least 8 inches away (Pleasant, p. 31). When an ear of corn seems fat and juicy when it is squeezed, stick a fingernail in the Kernel after pulling the shuck at the top of the ear; if it is milky it is ready for harvesting. The morning is the best time for the harvest because the ears are still cold. Place the corn in ice or refrigerator as soon as possible after. Although, a can may be used for sweet corn, but freezing is done more quickly. It is also much easier to store when the corn is taken off the cob first. Storing or replanting of the corn seeds will not work very well because most kinds of corn are very complex. While still attached to the plant, the ears should be completely dry to turn the husk a brownish color for saving seeds of pollinated types of corn. Twisting the ear, allowing some corn to fall away will indicate that the ears are dry enough. The seed can then be kept for approximately 2 years. Certain kinds of worms also use the corn for food, and also leave eggs in some undeveloped corn. Placing a small amount of vegetable oil in every ear can easily control this. Insecticide also can be used to eliminate the worms even further. If there are not very many worms, taking off the ends of the corn will solve the small problem. Sometimes these worms may be hard to see, so it is also necessary to look very closely at some types of corn. To produce even better corn there are many tips that also can be used in the process. An initial cover crop to intensify the nitrogen and putting the seeds in fresh water overnight will greatly enhance the harvest results (Flory, p. 24). Corn Depends on Human Effort Furthermore, corn is found in husks and requires processing to separate the grains from the husk. This means that the grains are set free and can thus be grown and processed more easily on their own. This is where the human aspect comes in place. Man has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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