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My Trip to the Grocery Store - Essay Example

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An essay "My Trip to the Grocery Store" discusses that I would have appreciated some help with particular experiences, but I guess my parents chose not to provide me with a little friend. There is one vivid memory that I have that would have made a potential sibling very useful to me…
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My Trip to the Grocery Store
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Extract of sample "My Trip to the Grocery Store"

Download file to see previous pages On a hot summer’s day with the sun beating down on us, I was taken out to do some shopping with my mom. “Yes,” I responded, as my mother broke the news to me that we would be going to the most popular grocery store in Ahmadi City: the Sultan Center. This was located in Alshuwaikh and was some way out of the city. Although it took a long time to get there, this was quite a regular trip for me because I always enjoyed helping choose the food that would tie us over for the next week. As I had no concept of money at that stage in my life, I would pick up anything that took my fancy and places it in the shopping cart as fast as I could. To try and hide this from my mom, I would strategically place something else on top of it so that she would not notice anything suspicious. On this occasion, I wanted to find some chocolate. I loved chocolate! However, chocolate was not in its usual place. This was very confusing for me because it had always been in that one particular place without fail. Without giving it any thought at all, I was determined to set upon a mission to track down my beloved chocolate. I waited until the opportune moment—when my mother wasn’t looking—so that I could creep away as a spy would. 
Very soon I had stumbled upon the candy aisle and began scanning the shelves for my beloved chocolate. After spending a couple of minutes looking, I was surprised to not be able to find what I was looking for. This had me really puzzled. Where could it be if not the candy aisle? I decided that the store must have been hiding it from me and so I continued my search for my prize. By this time, I realized that I had completely forgotten about my mom—she must have been worried sick. It was at this thought that a loud siren rang out over the intercom; although I could not comprehend what was being said. By now I had covered most of the store and could still not find the chocolate that I was looking for. My little legs were so tired from all the walking and crawling all over the store, so I sat down right where I was. All of the sudden the thought occurred to me that I had done a terrible thing—would I ever find my way back to my mom? I didn’t know what to do, so I began bawling my eyes out. It didn’t take long for a staff attendant to come over to me to see what the problem was. “What seems to be the matter,” they remarked. I communicated that I was lost and could not find my way back to my mother. The tall, blonde woman took the biscuits out of my hand and grabbed my hand. She reassured me that she would be taking me to a safe place where my mother would be able to find me. I climbed up the stairs and was placed on a chair in an office. This brought back memories of my trip to the dentist. At the thought of this, my tear started to flow. This was like my worst nightmare! ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Childhood Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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