Symbolic Use of Nature and Wildlife Imagery in Tortilla Curtain - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Symbolic Use of Nature and Wildlife Imagery in Tortilla Curtain The prime characters in the book, Torilla Curtain, are two men and their lovers. One of the couples is White and upper middle class, residing in the then walled and gated community called Arroyo Blanco…
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Symbolic Use of Nature and Wildlife Imagery in Tortilla Curtain
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"Symbolic Use of Nature and Wildlife Imagery in Tortilla Curtain"

Download file to see previous pages Coyotes and Other Animals Dominant symbols of wildlife and the environment are inherent right through the book. The symbol of the coyote to be precise is high-flying as is connected to the immigrants of Mexico. Delaney portrays these extremes very notably in the "Pilgrim at Topanga Canyon" article featured in the book, but they are common figures in the entire narrative, such as in the manner that the coyotes level the Mossbacher’s hedge to hound the dogs. This can be attributes to the fact that the Mexican immigrants trounced the obstacles at the border in an endeavor of making both ends meet in the United States of America. Delaney has a thing for coyotes, something that is corresponding to other residents in his community, shows his attraction with wildlife, outgoing nature of the immigrants. On one hand, the hated immigrants pose a measure of fright to other residents; on the other hand they are interesting and are always talked about by other residents. They are even contracted to do all forms of work. In the same context as residents in the area go to the extent of even putting out foodstuffs for the coyotes, they also attend the work exchange to take the services of these illegitimate immigrants that they hate dearly for exceptionally low salaries. This is reference to Jim Shirley’s action of employing America. He brought her to the house, touched her in an unceremonious manner, while on the contrary, he spreads tales of the unlawful, evil and terrific crimes that transpire at these immigrants hands. Different animals are mentioned and appeared in the book holding relevant and symbolic meanings just like the coyote. For instance, there are many instances that replies like horned lizards, animals that when threatened fire blood out of their eyes, are associated with people like Jack Jardine and Jack Cherrystone. A more stressing factor is the manner that Delaney and Kyra are so involved into these animals. Kyra is tempered when she sees a dog being caged in the blazing heat. It was Delaney’s task was writing about the animals he saw. This interest explains further, the attraction that the Mossbachers and other White Americans with the wilderness and other untamed animals. The making of factual walls is not an unknown subject in the novel. Just from the beginning, hullaballoo is raised concerning the construction of the first gate and the n Arroyo Blanco’s wall. The whole novel then revolves on the aspect of the immigrants getting over the “wall” of the border separating Mexico and the United States. The factual wall appears in a number of incidents in the story. The coyotes must jump over the Mossbachers’ fence for them to get hold of the dogs. They are able to accomplish this with technique and cunningness just like the manner in which the immigrants went over the wall at the border. The canyon wall is also an important one that segregates Candido and America from protection and well-being of the white Americans and their lifestyle. The wall is used to resist interaction between the two diverse cultures. In the novel, it is exceptionally rare to come by a conversation between the two asides. Just from childhood, Candido had been raised knowing to build a “wall” between other people and himself when things have hit the rocks. The walls have a number of tasks to serve: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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