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Security in our community - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Security in Our Community Security and Theft around the ASU (Arizona State University) Campus The Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics of the Arizona State University (ASU) police show that there is a rise in liquor and drug arrests. In 2010, liquor and drug arrests in the Tempe campus rose; this is according to the report released by the ASU Police Department…
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Security in our community
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Download file to see previous pages The ASU Police Department is focusing on alcohol reinforcement as a measure to reverse the trend. According to the report, the biggest crime that is raising security concerns in the campus is alcohol-associated offenses. The reason behind this trend is that almost all offenses on the campus both in the nation and at ASU are alcohol related. Sexual assaults and fighting are also alcohol-associated. In Tempe campus (this campus has the biggest number of crimes), drug law arrests increased by 32.1%, an increase from 162 arrests in 2009 to approximately 214 arrests in 2010. There was an increase by 20.5% in the liquor law arrests; in 2009, the arrests were 459 and in 2010, there were 553 arrests (Raymundo 1). However, there was a decrease in drug law and liquor law arrests in the Polytechnic, West, and Downtown campuses. The Polytechnic campus witnessed a decrease in the number of liquor law arrests (in 2009, there were 40 arrests and in 2010, there were 19 arrests). Drug law arrests also decreased, eight arrests were made in 2009 and in 2010, 4 arrests were made. The West campus saw a considerable decrease in the liquor law arrests, 17 arrests in 2008, 7 in 2009, and 3 arrests in 2010. The press release indicated, “violent crime rate at ASU was .38 per thousand students and the property crime rate was 17.78 per thousand students” (Raymundo 1). However, the 2010 data may not be statistically correct on the basis of the student population; this is because the report data is for student enrollment in 2009 (Raymundo 1). From these statistics, it is evident that crime rates around ASU campus is on the rise. This raises security concerns among the community living around ASU campus. A striking feature among all these crimes is that most of them are alcohol related. Alcohol abuse and drug abuse seems to be the major causing factors of crime in ASU. As stated before, the ASU Police Department is focusing on alcohol reinforcement as a measure to control crime around the ASU campus community. Among the ASU campuses, Tempe campus seems to be affected most by crime and insecurity. Crimes that are common in these campuses include sexual assaults, fighting, liquor law arrests, drug law arrests, larceny, arson, sex offenses, and theft; as stated before, all these crimes are alcohol-related. Proposed Solutions In order to reduce all these crimes, measures need to be taken to reduce alcohol and substance abuse. This is because, the report (Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics) indicate that most of these crimes are linked with alcohol and substance abuse. Arizona State University has a policy on substance abuse. The policy states that it is the aim of the university to offer a drug-free environment for all university employees and students. In order to achieve this aim, the university has banned all unlawful use, production, distribution, manufacture, and possession of alcohol, drugs, and controlled substances (Pickens 17). The university offers factual and honest information through structured programs in an attempt to help individuals to make right decisions in regard to the utilization of alcohol and other drugs. Information concerning the health risks linked alcohol and other drugs use, drug education, drug awareness programs, and drug education assessment programs “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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