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How Do Executed Offenders React To Their Punishments - Death Penalties - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: How do executed offenders react to their punishments - death penalties? Death penalty is a planned taking of someone’slife by a government. itmay be as a result of court ruling. It is in response to a crime that the convicted committed…
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How Do Executed Offenders React To Their Punishments - Death Penalties
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Download file to see previous pages Other inmates hold onto the grudge. They are not sorry, and not affected by the sentences they are given. Others redeem themselves. They accept their crimes. At times they go further and apologize to the affected family. The various ways are explained in depthbelow. A major reaction to this punishment is mental illness. Mental illness is a condition characterized by impairments of one’s cognitive abilities. This impairment may also be behavioral functioning. The impairments are caused by head trauma in our case. An estimate of 5-10% of death row inmates has the problem of mental illness. Research has also shown that nearly all the inmates who are on death row suffer from brain damage. This is as a result of illness or trauma. All creaturesshudder at the thought of destruction. Human are survival animals. When one has no option to his survival, everything breaks down. The fabricant of humanity shuttered. This shutter is mental disorientation. Inmates are diagnosed by doctors and those who have mental illness isolated. Diagnosis is done but the inmates refuse medication. Those awaiting execution are resolved to their fate. They see no reason for staying alive while you are condemned to die. The thought is ironical on its own. Some are even happy that they are sick. They even go ahead and neglect any dosages. Though there are forced dosages, this is not the solution. Some illnesses take more than medicine to heal. Mental illness is one, will is required. The inmate may be forced to treatment, but the will is important. Resolution to die makes healing difficult. Some inmates go ahead and self-admit their crimes. A good example here is Stanley “Tookie” Williams. Mr. Williams is a Nobel nominee: An author, Nobel Peace and Literature Prizes nominee. Mr. Williams was a co-founder of Crips. Crips is a Los Angeles-based street gang. The gang is responsible for hundreds of murders. Mr. Williams was convicted of four counts of murder. After a number of years of incarceration, Mr. Williams underwent a religious conversion. It was in this time that he authored his books. He went on and became admitted of his own crime and violence. He redeemed himself. He turned his life to uniqueness of unusual good works. Mr. Williams was executed by lethal injection. Though there was circumstantial evidence, Mr. Williams illustrated the other side of the coin. He illustrated how complex morality of the death penalty is. It is widely expected a death row inmate to be hostile. It is socially acceptable if he conforms to hate. Redemption, though expected, is unique. Mr. Williams reacted to the death penalty by redeeming himself. Other inmates become affiliated to the death row syndrome. Psychologists and lawyers argue that death row inmates develop phenomenons as they await execution. This phenomenon is called thedeath row phenomenon. The psychological effect of this phenomenon results to the death row syndrome. The living conditions on the death row have its effects. Some inmates turn to become suicidal. Other inmates become delusional. Others are pushed to insanity. The conditions that inmates face as they await execution are destruction to one’spsychology. The psychological damage is as torture. The more the waiting period, the more the torture. This makes the prisoner depressed. Some inmates are often forced to trying escaping from prison. Those on escape try colloquial ways that would make sure there is no going back. It’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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