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The Toyota Kluger - Assignment Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Entry 1 The Toyota Kluger remains a superior priority among the luxury lovers credit to its athletic performance and refined interior (Toyota). It is stylish and importantly safe for the family. Moreover, it is perfect for a large family and bears flexibility of a variety of seating and load configurations…
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The Toyota Kluger
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Extract of sample "The Toyota Kluger"

Download file to see previous pages This car caters for families needs primarily the children. Long drives have no fun particularly when the children get bored. This vehicle comprises of an inbuilt DVD player (Toyota) that provides the children with adequate entertainment. It is worth denoting that this vehicle boasts of style both inside and outside. It immensely appeals to those individuals searching for a superior quality finish on the family vehicle. It is imperative to state that the outer design of this vehicle appeals to all the members of the family. The rangy profile and chrome accents give this car a superb finish, making it ideal for traveling with style for either business or corporate use. Moreover, it constitutes of alloy wheels with stylish luscious looks (Toyota). This vehicle boasts of foldable seats that give further room for shopping items. However, this vehicle comprises of advanced inbuilt car technology (Toyota) that twists every family drive into a bona fide experience. The Bluetooth capability permits the individual to make calls safely through the audio system while still driving. It is imperative to say that this technology aids in delivering an improved and secure driving experience. Entry 2 Gifted hands, is a book by Ben Carson, a famous neurosurgeon (Phillips). It is imperative to say that he gained global recognition for his role in the initial successful severance of Siamese twins. The immensely multifaceted and fragile operation constituted of a surgical plan that Carson aided to initiate. It is worth denoting that Carson pioneered again in an odd procedure known as hemispherectomy (Phillips). This involves offering children with no hope a second chance to live through a courageous operation in which he plainly extracted some part of the brain. It is worth denoting that these breakthroughs are usual. It is imperative to say that he has been beating odds since childhood. He lacked motivation because a mother, who had a third grade education, raised him. He scored poorly in school, but his mother convinced him that he could achieve a lot so long as he was positive with life, and did not allow the current circumstances to prevent him from achieving his goal. However, a persistent belief in his capabilities, trust in God, and absolute determination catapulted him from failing grades to being the top in class. He holds twenty doctorates, possesses a variety of awards, and honors (Phillips). It is imperative to state that gifted hands, is an inspirational story of a person’s secret to success, challenged against disheartening odds, and prompted by an implausible mindset that dares to take risks. This book enables one to learn of surgeries that made history globally, and into the clandestine mind of a kindhearted physician who lives in order to help others (Phillips). Throughout the book, it all reveals a humility and quick wit style that makes this book unforgettable. It is worth denoting that he never fails in each chapter to mention someone particularly God, to whom he owes gratitude. Entry 3 Hold my hand is a collaborative song done by Michael Jackson and Akon (Aiyanna). It is imperative to say that this song is largely autobiographical in nature as Michael describes his own personal life to the world around us, hoping that we would discover and comprehend the significance of holding an individual's hand and walking the world jointly instead of walking alone as he did. It ultimately resulted to his fate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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