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Dances With Wolves - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Dance with wolves’ by Kevin Costner The film, with the best picture in 1990, is of high historical importance, but has a sorrowful tone and full of violence. Kelvin Costner stars and directs as Lt. John Dunbar, U.S Army. We see him regaining consciousness in a civil war battle field amputation tent in the opening scene, with his wounded foot only because the doctors have break…
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Dances With Wolves
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"Dances With Wolves"

Download file to see previous pages The mule wagon driver and a fort commander are odd personalities; the fort commander commits suicide after he sends Dunbar to his post, so no one is aware that Dunbar is on his legitimate duty. He mans the post alone after finding it deserted, gradually making friends with nearby Sioux villagers. In yet a different suicide incident, a Sioux lady cuts her wrists mourning her husband but Dunbar stops her. She is a white lady who was raised in the village. She becomes Dunbar’s interpreter and they ultimately fall in love The Sioux, the Pawnee and the white’s are all seen as having a conventional despise and hatred of people of other races. There is a great deal of violence: Indian on Indian, Indian on white, white on Indian, and white on white. The Sioux are humanized by being shown all through their lives; hence the viewers’ sympathy stays with them in their wars against the Pawnee, who are depicted as raiders and warriors (Monroe 167). Dunbar and his interpreter girlfriend are shown making love while she is technically still mourning her husband. The Sioux are shown in a spectacular filmed buffalo hunting were the whites slaughter a lot of buffalos for just their tongues and skin. On contrary the Sioux could not waste any part of a buffalo, even when using insulated stomachs of the buffalos to cook as vessels to carry fire or as pots to cook, while some whites shoot the buffalos from train for pleasure just to see them fall. The federal soldiers are seen committing cruel acts on animals, and are classified as just plain crude (Hunter 98). Watching this film automatically arouses some Whiteman’s guilt (especially when if you are a white) and makes you more sensitive about treating any human being worthy of respect. When the film was first shown on a TV, some vulgar language were curled, but the out footage of with extra violence was added into it making it a four hour, two night mini-series. John Dunbar, a survivor of the civil war with a little knowledge of the American frontier and the plight of the Native Americans who inhabit it, acts as the role model of the film. He is open in different ways of life and he is smart, brave, heroic and loyal. Most the native Americans are shown as committed to their families, protect their way of living, eager to laugh, and live in harmony among themselves, an enormously different picture for this people in many other movies that came before this (Kevin Costner 112). With the Dunbar the only exception the other white soldiers are depicted as arrogant, ignorant and brutal. Intensively violent battles scene between the Native Americans and the white soldiers and between different native tribes are very common in the flow of the movie. Both innocents including children and the participants are shot with guns and or arrows. They are killed with hatchets, knifed, scalped or in furious hand to hand combat. Animal and human blood flows through out. Many animals including dogs, horses and buffalos are attacked and shown bleeding or dying. On the hand the Indians ravage an innocent group of settlers: white soldiers pummel, beat and ferociously kicks the film hero; they also gleefully attack his beloved wolf for the sport of it. Violence is being used as the main theme of the movie though it does not seem to solve the problem. Indians get a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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