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Yonnondio and Waiting for Lefty - Essay Example

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Capitalism is more often than not exploitative especially to people having low income. Many people have attempted to overcome the immediacy of localized experiences in relation to people under capitalism. Some of them have succeeded, but there is still large number that is still getting affected…
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Yonnondio and Waiting for Lefty
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"Yonnondio and Waiting for Lefty"

Download file to see previous pages This is the reason many authors are still writing about issues that bring negative impacts to the community and are related to capitalism. They have chosen individuals in their writing to portray the experiences in the superior communal entirety of capitalism. In the given novels, there are many similarities shown in the characters way of life. There are two families used by the authors to show the different lifestyles among capitalized people. In both novels, it is essential to note that similar issues are discussed. The authors mostly focus on the struggles people have to undergo to ensure that there lives are better. In the play waiting for lefty, Miller is a learned man working in the lab as lab assistance. He works for a certain company and is requested by his boss to make poisonous gases that are to be used to fight in a chemical war. To ensure that he does not neglect his request, his boss tells him of his raise in his office. He does not understand that he is being used to make poisonous gases that are to be used by certain people in chemical warfare. At first, he seems to accept to the terms as offered but as Fayette, his boss, continues with his explanations he remembers the deaths that have occurred due to war (Odets, 23). He remembers the death of his brother and is willing to lose his job. The author states that he tells it to Fayette’s face that he had rather get a livelihood from digging ditches. The author tries to show that there is a lot of exploitation among the people who live in lower standards of life. Since they are willing to have better lives, they are willing to bear with anything to have their goals achieved. Just like Miller, many people should be ready to overcome worse experiences as seen among people living under capitalism (Odets, 30). In the novel Yonnondio, it is evident that the characters used bring out the idea of capitalism really well. Anna Holbrook believes that her children can evade the kind of life she was living by acquiring education. The author uses day- dreaming and imagination to bring out the ideas in Anna’s mind. Although she lives a poor life, she is willing to have changes in the life of her children whereby they live a better one than they have in their childhood. She has to undergo through beating from her husband every time he comes home drunk. She does not have a job as her husband, but the chores at home always leave her very exhausted. She has to act as the ideal homemaker, always finding food and laundering clothes. Despite doing all this duties, she has to deal with domestic violence (Olsen, 34). The violence she has to undergo has changed her personality to an extent that she beats her children to make up for the pain she feels. Although she does this, she still cares about her children. This is the reason she always emphases that education is the only best thing that her children deserve. Her children have lived a miserable life, and she is not willing to have them pass through the same life. To have her goals achieved, she has made them believe that the only way they are going to overcome the experiences of the people living under capitalization, is by working in offices. If they are ale to get good jobs and be admitted in any office, they will abandon the miserable living conditions. As a way of motivating them, she assures them that their hands will become whiter. The author to show that people living under capitalization are always willing to overcome the experiences uses Anna. She is willing to use any method to overcome ideas in capitalism (Olsen, 43). The author shows that there is some evidence of love among these people. Jim always attempts to create a good life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Yonnondio and Waiting for Lefty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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