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Reducing the Age of Drinking to 18 Years in the U.S - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Reducing the Age of Drinking to 18 Years in the U.S. To begin this discussion let us consider survey carried out by the national survey on drug use and health in the year 2002. The data compare the amount of alcohol consumed by adults 21 years and above to the amount of alcohol consumed by underage…
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Reducing the Age of Drinking to 18 Years in the U.S
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"Reducing the Age of Drinking to 18 Years in the U.S"

Download file to see previous pages It also suggests that a small percentage of drinkers consumes most of the alcohol. This small percentage often consumes several drinks at once increasing the risk of serious health and safety problems. When compared to the data representing underage drinkers the following conclusions were made, the proportion of young drinkers who report heavy drinking is higher than for adults the image being 43 percent for adults and 50 percent for young drinkers (U.S. Department of justice 1,2). The reason behind federal law regulating the age for alcohol consumption was due to the rise in highway fatalities. The uniform drinking age act of 1984 threatened to withdraw highway funds from the state that failed to increase the minimum legal drinking age to 21. This law saved lives this was due to the decline in motor vehicle fatalities (Miron and Tetellbaum 10). Economically speaking in order to consider the minimum age of drinking an estimation of the loss in consumer surplus that results from reducing people’s alcohol consumption is put into consideration. It also requires the benefits to the drinker and to others from reducing alcohol related harms. Lowering of the drinking age in U.S. to 18 has been a primary effort for most activists the argument being 18 is the age agreed upon by most states. Again, 18 is the age of the majority for other activities such as voting military service serving on the jury. These facts make 18 a focal point when we compare U.S. to other countries who have set their age at 18 (Carpenter and Dobkin 135). The age set by U.S. is the highest in the world, majority of the rest of the world have the minimum age at 17 or 16 others have no minimum age. Many supporters of the minimum age argue that the human brain develops until the age of 21. However, many experts are keen on dismissing this point saying it would mean that only the U.S hold on to this idea. The current federal age as argued by most critics seemed to have reduced the total underage consumption. However, they argue that underage persons who consumed alcohol are more likely to do so behind closed doors. The danger would be their overindulgence in alcohol consumption as soon as the get access to the stuff. Mitchell who is a supporter of the reducing of the minimum age to 18 argues that the reduction in highway fatalities is due to safer and better-built cars and the increased awareness of the dangers in drinking and driving. Mitchell points out that delaying of young adults exposure to alcohol is not a bright idea (310). Most college students support the idea of lowering the drinking age to 1. According to the daily sundial, some of the reports quoted illustrates that most young people found it ok for young people to enjoy themselves after a long week of studying and working. Others argued that 18 was the focal point age whereby things opened up it are the age that one acquired multiple obligations. Others argued from a health perspective saying, alcohol is healthy when consumed in moderation it reduces the risk of heart diseases to lowering the likelihood of gallstones. The argument is taken further by comparing other countries such as china France Italy and Spain whose minimum legal drinking age is 18. The youth in these countries are allowed to consume alcohol; however, they are taught to drink in moderation. The youth state that the current law is unreasonable and ineffective in that young people always have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Reducing the Age of Drinking to 18 Years in the U.S Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1437011-reducing-age-drinking-to.
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Should the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18
Carter. The A-Z Encyclopedia of Food Controversies and the Law. Santa Barbara, Calif: Greenwood/ABC-CLIO, 2011.) There are the majority of the states which have kept the dinking age at the 21 years whereas on the other hand, there are some which have reduced the underage drinking to 18-20 years.
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In America drink age is 21 even though a person gets voting rights at the age of 18. America is believed to be one of the most civilized countries in the world. It should be noted that in most of the European countries, the drink age is 18 whereas in America, the authorities are not allowing the people to drink until they reach 21 years of age.
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As time progressed, interest arose over adolescent alcoholism and alcohol-linked road accidents, and, in the 1980s, several states invalidated their previous resolutions by increasing the MLDA to 21. Rising to a proposal of the Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving,
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The countries have the same predilections toward alcohol consuming, and drinking behaviors that are very much alike. Canadians and Americans consider alcohol as one of the factors of socialization
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The debate regarding the minimum alcohol drinking age has been in the limelight for the past few decades. The discussion here will take place with the view that “lowering the drinking age in the United States where the minimum drinking level currently stands at 21 years is the need of time and it is the only viable long term solution to the drinking problems”.
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The legal drinking age should be 18 years of age
18 year old are young citizens capable of taking responsibility and making decisions Right to vote, marry Acquisition of identity cards Secure employment The forbidden fruit Menace Over indulgence in alcohol out of curiosity Rebellious nature of young adults of 18 years of age Lack of proper brain development as a result of reducing drinking age to 18 years Alcohol interference with brain development Consequences, impaired decision making and also early deaths Conclusion Countries with no age prohibition in regard to drinking age face few issues Thus, alcohol consumption age should be reduced to 18 years There have been several debates across the world about the legal age for alcohol consump
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Alcohol Consumption in the United States. We should lower the drinking age to 18
Alcohol Consumption in the United States Introduction It is undeniable fact that, alcohol consumption is the third leading cause of most deaths in the United States. For the past years, alcohol consumption has been the major contributing factor to road accidents and the leading cause of death for young adults and youths.
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The adverse effects of alcohol consumption on the mind and body of an individual mark the bad side of the habit. At the same time, according to many experts, intake of alcohol in limited quantities is not at all problematic. But alcohol is an intoxicating liquid and its continuous consumption leads to addiction and gradually the quantity consumed only increases and it becomes very hard for one to be free from addiction.
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Proponents argue that lowering drinking age below 21 in US has no impact on drinking rate. They state that the rate of drinking has increased and increased health related issues among the teens
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Should the Drinking Age be 18 Years

Due to the fact that research indicates that reducing the drinking age would have minimal behavioral change, it is not really a contributing factor to modifying the behavior of the target demographic. Such a change would only be achieved through proper training, giving responsibilities and holding one accountable for whatever actions.

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