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Nora Helmer’s decision at the end of the play A Doll’s House to leave her family seems to come suddenly and this is due to the fact that,the impression she gives readers at the beginning was that…
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A Dolls House Play
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"A Doll's House Play"

Download file to see previous pages It would also be discussed whether her decision to leave are justified or not. The Fisher girl costume that Nora wore in the play symbolizes the pretentious lifestyle that she was living as this was used to show that she was hiding under this costume. Italy as used in the play also symbolizes the false image that was portrayed by Nora. The macaroon that was eaten by Nora also showed Nora’s deceit to her husband. Nora was deceptive to her husband and she definitely hid her feelings from him and this was the symbolism of the Macaroon in the play. “Are you happy now? There - there - there - don't look like a frightened little dove - the whole thing's just sheer imagination. Now, you must rehearse your tarantella - with the tambourine. I'll go sit in the inner room and shut the doors, so you can make all the noise you like - I shan't hear a thing.” (Ibsen 190). The tarantella dance by Nora also suggests her unhappiness as a wife and a mother. This tarantella dance was used to show Nora’s struggle with life and her agitation with her husband. “Nora, darling, you're dancing as if your life depended on it!” (Ibsen 204). Evidence to show that Nora is unhappy with the life that she leads as a wife and mother was when she realized that she had been hiding under another person’s shadow and pretending to be what she was not. ...
She was also not happy that, she had to secretly work in order to pay off her loan as it was illegal for a woman to procure a loan without the consent of her husband. These were signs that she was unhappy with the way she lived as a wife and a mother as she could no longer continue living like that. Nora was blackmailed by Krogstad and it was actually after this that readers would learn that she is unhappy. She then begins to consider her concept of freedom and decide within herself whether she was happy or not. It was at this point that the reader begins to discover that she was unhappy with the life she led as a wife to Torvald. Thus, it was clear that Nora was unhappy with the manner at which she had been made to cope with the orders and edicts of her husband. “Still it was tremendous fun sitting there working and earning money. It was almost like being a man.” (Ibsen 162) It was now clear that she wanted to break free from her familial obligations as she sought to pursue her own ambitions. Nora made her decision to leave after coming to the sudden realization that she was living her father’s life. She discovered that her marriage was actually contracted in order to please her father and the dictates of the society. It was Nora’s realization of the truth about her life that influenced her decision to leave her husband; quit her marital status and abandon her children. She wanted to be independent and she was of the opinion that, being under a man that her heart was not right with would hinder her from really being the kind of independent woman she would have loved to be. “It's a sweet little bird, but it gets through a terrible amount of money. You wouldn't believe how much it costs a man when he's got a little song-bird like you!” (Ibsen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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