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You are What you eat - Essay Example

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You are What You Eat is a statement which emphasizes on the fact that people are prone to health problems due to their unhealthy eating. This means that whatever a person eats determines their health status. …
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You are What you eat
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"You are What you eat"

Download file to see previous pages is a documentary which seeks to portray the hazards of unhealthy eating and its deprecations. The article seeks to convince its viewers that eating natural foods and avoiding industrialized/manufactured foods is suitable for people’s health both in short and long term. The film received mixed reactions from both its critics and supporters, but generally it did achieve its primary objective of sensitizing the people against industrialized foods of which was a noble cause (Top documentary films). Hence, it is essential to choose carefully what one eats as it will determine how healthy the body will be. The documentary Food Inc. was directed by Robert Kenner and co-produced by Eric Schlosser who is also the author of Fast Food Nation. The film explains the situation which arises due to people consuming industrialized foods. It also offers a rejoinder through the president of Stoneyfield Farm which is a highly successful organic yoghurt farm. The film also highlights the acquisition of previously independent businesses by multinationals. Examples of such businesses include Kasha which was taken over by Kellogg and Cascadian Farm which was taken over by General Mills. Furthermore, the film portrays how dishonest some farmers are by showing an interview on Joel Salatin, the philosopher farmer from Polyface Farm who shamelessly guts a chicken while explaining how to farm honorably. There is also the issue of access and cost of the health oriented food where a customer drives for five hours so as to pay a premium for Salatin’s products (Top documentary films). One of the film’s sub claims is that most farms which grow organic food do so because of their own financial gain but not for the sake of the buyer and food consumer. This means that the proprietors of the farms can easily drop organic farming if the returns were matching expected profitable levels. A perfect example is Joel Salatin who is a philosopher farmer and is eating chicken while advising people on how to practice honorable farming. This clearly shows that even though such farmers know the advantages of organic farming, they are still not ready to abandon the unhealthy foods by consuming the food that they grow and sell to others. The situation also emphasizes on the fact that these categories of farms’ proprietors do not have the consumers’ interests at heart, but instead they engage in organic farming because they are assured of a ready market for their organic products. This market is made up of those people who are keen on what they eat and are aware of the effects foods have on their bodies. The farmers seem to be in the right form of business because their products are in demand and are selling at relatively high prices. This is justified considering the customers who drive for five hours just to get the organic products at a premium rate. Hence, it is justifiable to say that the motive of the film i.e. to portray the farm owners as people who engage in organic farming just for profit purposes was successful and effective. Many large companies are manufacturing food because it is much more profitable and less consuming. This is supported by the fact that industrialized foods take a shorter period to be delivered for consumption when compared with organic foods. Despite the disadvantages that come with industrialized foods, they are also beneficial in some ways. Some of the biggest advantages include the fact that they can withstand harsh conditions and are less prone to diseases and infections. These make the foods popular because many farmers and business people prefer to deal with foods that have minimal risk (Johnson 56). However, the advantages of industrialized foods are just a small incentive when compared with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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