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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Media Analysis Advertising involves the marketing of a product or a service through a medium with the intention of persuading the receiver of the information to buy the product or service. There are different strategies used to catch the attention of the target audience by advertisers…
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Media Analysis
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"Media Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages When presenting an advertisement, there are usually a set of rules meant to govern what and what not to be included in the advertisement. The rules are there to keep the advertisement from being “bad”. An advertisement should not encourage any vices, should not be racist, and should not promote violence and so on. To ensure that this does not happen, there are media ethics that are there to be followed (Ward 6). Media ethics are a set of rule expected to be followed by journalist, should be based on ethics of universal being (Ward 6). They should be keen on the well being of the human being. Without the ethical foundation, relativism undermines the conception of the right and makes our practices unreasonable. In the case of advertising, there might be a difference in understanding, and judging an advertisement because of several things; it might be the environment one has been brought up in, it might be a difference in age, level of education, and so on. In this paper, I intend to break down two cigarette advertisements and show the significance of my findings. I will also discuss the appeals used and whether they are ethical or not. In the first advertisement, the chesterfield cigarette commercial, there is the use of animation and humor. A King intends to knight a loyal subject if he can confess that the chesterfield king is the best. The loyal subject seems desperate to be knighted that even if he does not know much about the king of chesterfield, he does not admit it. He is helped by the king’s advisor and impresses the king. The king’s advisor warns the king to use his flat side of the sword to avoid what happened the last time. As the advisor warns the king, he mimics the cutting of a throat. As the king, knights the loyal subject, he swings his sword powerfully and chops off the loyal subject’s head. In the advertisement, the king represents the cigarette, the loyal subject represents the smoker, and the advisor represents the luring of the smoker to smoking. The smoker seeks the pleasure of the cigarette when he goes to be knighted; the king who is the cigarette gives the pleasure but eventually kills the smoker. In the advertisement, there is more concentration on the good side of smoking (knighted) than the bad side. It is not clear whether the loyal subject is the killed. Smoking is well known all over the world as unhealthy, despite that people still smoke. In the second advertisement, Flintstones for Winston cigarette there is the use of animation and an immensely popular cartoon character (Fred Flintstone). He is then brought out as a loyal customer of the Winston cigarette. The seller of the cigarette still goes into details about the uniqueness of the cigarette despite Fred Flintstone being familiar to the cigarette. He puts the cigarette on Fred’s mouth and calls it practice. The cigarette is portrayed as a sweet cigarette with a good length, making it better than the rest of the cigarettes. Unlike the chesterfield advertisement, this advertisement concentrates solely on the goodness of the cigarette. Analysis of the two advertisements In the chesterfield cigarette advertisement, it is significant to note the use of animation on the advertisement. Although the advertisement has tried to portray the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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