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Film Evaluation - Essay Example

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Slumdog The “Slum Dog millionaire” directed by Danny Boyle tells the story of a teenager who was born and brought up in the slums of Mumbai which is chortling with multiplicity. The boy is only one question away from winning a stunning prize of 20 million ruppees through a realty show named “Who wants to become a millionaire.” .It offers the stunning moments that make you howl with the joy to watch a trivial person of eighteen years at the brim of a great success…
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Film Evaluation Essay
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"Film Evaluation"

Download file to see previous pages They were searching for the answer how could a street boy know this much. Desperate to prove his innocence Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum. The story is heartbreaking how he and his brother led and adventurous life, their hardships, their frequent encounters with local gangs. To everyone’s surprise each chapter of the story reveals the key to the answer of each question. The introduction of the character is extremely unexpected. The seven year old boy is listening to the howling of the crowd welcoming the stupendous actor Amitabh Bachan. He was destined to move through the dirt to get an autograph of Mr Bachan. Orphaned by the killing of his own mother in a Hindu Muslim riot ,the sever year old boy of Dev Patel tries to make his living by joining in the gangs of professional beggars and at one time he turns traitor on his sibling . The chai-wala who sells fragrant tea to call centre workers in Mumbai who after a series of hardships and adventures, at last seated on the television game, is now at the moments of grabbing the big prize. The struggle of the lower caste in economically developing Mumbai is well depicted through the life of the street boys. The screen play by Simon Beaufoy which is slightly adapted from a novel by Vikas Swarup captures the flow of time and space , the childhood time and the grown up times etc . The flow of life is exactly portrayed. Cast in to the friendless world with another orphan Latika the three children make their way fighting against the reality of life. The story of his short but rich life unfolds in a series of flashbacks. It may be brutal to some foreign audience. But the events drag the spectators to the edge of appalling. After doing the roles as pick –pockets, vendors, dish washers and even guides to the tourists,it is Jamal that insists Salim to return to Mumbai to find Latika. The young actors have done their roles beautifully. They are appealing and sympathetic. The most remarkable thing about Slum Dog Millionaire is it a Bollywood film which has the sense of a typical Indian Cinema. It was shot on the street of Mumbai, the typical thickly populated place with full of tin-roofed huts. Most of the other film makers do not use the city to tell the story of Mumbai. But they recreate the same in studios or select some other places. The story telling is acute in this mood. According to the director the city can never be recreate with it architecture, its atmosphere its noise etc. The Film captures all that except the foul smell of drying fish and that of human waste. The movie is awash with song and even a little dance. The role played by Anil Kapoor is also noteworthy .A third of the dialogue is in Hindi with English subtitles. The cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle makes a better visual, luxury, shot with acute sensitivity. He powerfully translated the emotional fluctuation of the protagonist. The cinema depicts the typical visions about India and put across the common life of Indians especially in a place like Mumbai. The film is superb. It not only has a wonderful script but also has a good structure that expresses everything in the movie. In addition the audience can learn about Indian cultures and peoples lively hood through the movie. The film was criticized a lot ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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