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Title: Position Paper- Driving While Texting Driving While Texting 1. Introduction Technology has integrated deeply in the lives of humans. The degree of incorporation of technology is so extensive that it has been transformed from a luxury to a perceived necessity…
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Download file to see previous pages Such interactions bear consequential instances if they are not used in a responsible manner. Texting messages while driving has been an on-going debate since number of years. The school of thought that disagrees with texting messages while driving consider it so severe that they want the action to be given the status of a crime while others take don’t give much importance to the issue. In the light of the adverse effects of texting while driving, it should be banned to promote road safety for the people. 2. Driving While Texting Driving is a task that requires utmost attention and concentration of the driver. Quick reflexes are often needed to keep safe from any accident whereas texting messages causes the occupation of one’s hand and mind. Caird, Scialfa, Ho and Smiley (2005) stated that texting messages while driving impairs the reflexes and affects the reaction time of the individual thereby making it difficult to regain control of the vehicle if an unforeseen incident arises. Foundation for Traffic Safety (2009) conducted a survey that concluded that 9 out of 10 drivers consider texting messages as a danger to themselves and others on the road. It is often argued that the activity of text messaging has been presumed to be dangerous at an unrealistic level since there are numerous other activities that cause distraction and makes the driver lose focus, for example loud music, attractive billboards and advertisements etc. The argument stands partially valid since the mentioned factors also prove to be a hindrance for a driver. However, none of these mentioned factors compel the drivers to use his hands, alongside looking at the small screen to read the text. The fear of being ceased by the traffic police often makes the driver keep the phone lower that requires him to bend his head down (off the road) to read the message. Needless to say, that getting one’s head off the road even for a few seconds can result in life altering situations. Agency Group (2011) reported that around 5,500 people lost their lives and 0.5 million got severely injured in 2009 in different accidents due to distracted individuals driving cars. Magid (2009) provided useful information about the level of distractedness that becomes apparent from driving while text messaging; such drivers are recorded to depart from their lanes 10 times more than a regular driver. The advocators argue that a skilled driver can never be affected with such distractions and is able to possess control of the car in all situations even if he is texting. Firstly, some drivers might be skilled enough to handle multitasking while driving but their texting gives a wrong message to the youngsters who are more active in this activity. Magid (2009) quoted some other research findings; 46 % of the teenagers accept the fact that they text while driving. Secondly, a skilled driver might have full control of the car but he cannot judge the level of control that is possessed by some other driver (who might be texting) on the road that might cause turbulence on the road for everyone else. Road safety can only be achieved if all the drivers drive their cars safely, rather than just a few. 3. Conclusion Texting while driving is a dangerous activity that can prove to have consequential factors for others, as well as oneself. The process of texting while driving reduces the reaction time of an individual and affects the individual to make decisions instantly. The advocators of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Banning texting while driving consider the present literature that concerns texting while driving to understand the present status of the problem and the danger that looms around it. Literature Review: According to researchers any type of mobile use while driving that includes talking over phone, texting and that even through hands free technology is dangerous and deadly. According to David Strayer who is a Professor of Psychology at University of Utah a mere 2% of the population is capable of multitasking with absolute safety. This finding clearly portrays the high risk exposure of the remaining 98% of the population if they resort to...
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...of accidents over the period from 2005 to 2008. Many people accept the fact that they resort to use cell phone while driving; a practice that takes away many lives and that makes many people incapacitated for their entire lives. It is surprising to note that in sharp contradiction with the popular belief, it is adults who are more likely to resort to texting while driving. According to the a Pew Research Centre study, 47 percent of adults do this while only 34 percent teenagers admit doing the same ( When police officers find it easy to catch those who talk on phone...
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... while driving. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 39(3), 341-9. Gardner, L. (2010). What to do about texting and driving .CPCU Journal, 1-13 Governors Highway Safety Association.(2010). Cell Phone and Texting Laws. Retrieved May 31, March, 2012 from, Hahn, R. W., Tetlock, P. C., & Burnett, J. K. (2000). Should you be allowed to use your cellular phone while driving? Regulation, 23(3), 46-55. Halloran, Liz. “Government Eyes Crackdown on Texting and Driving.”(2009). Retrieved May, 2012, from, Reddick, D. B. (2009). Texting while driving: Hot public policy issue. American Agent & Broker, 81(10), 64-64, 66.... ?...
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... lower on their laps to avoid detection, this way they will be escalating the risk to cause accidents with the devices thus concealed (Sollisch). Works Cited “Driver Electronic Device Use in 2010.” Traffic Safety Fact/US Department of transportations. 2011. Web. 3 Dec. 2012 "Nationwide Insurance Supports National Ban on Texting while Driving TWD." Life Science Weekly (2009): 2843. “Cell Phone and Texting Laws” Governers Highway Safety Association(GHSA) . December 2012. Web 3... In recent times, mobile telephony has enabled significant steps forward in the field of communication and human interaction. Thanks to mobile phones, one can call and text from just anywhere and alongside other activities;...
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...research and statistical data as well as logical reasoning that texting while driving is a dangerous practice that needs to be curbed with all urgency. Due to the increased availability of mobile phones and other hand held devices; texting and driving has been on the increase in the last few years; studies have attested to the increasing number of accidents related to texting. Statistics reveal that in the year 2009 more than 54,000 people died, as a result of distractions while driving with 240 000 being injured as a result of the same (“Injury Prevention & Control…"). This resulted to...
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...% of the surveyed subjects considered texting while driving to be an ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ distracting act. Another study by the AAA (American Automobile Association) showed that 46% of surveyed teenagers admitted that they have been distracted at some point while driving because of texting. This distraction rates are worrying because according to a Pew review at least 40% of all American teenagers state that they have been in a car driven by a driver that was using a cell phone in a manner that put the passengers and bystanders in danger (PEW Research Centre 6). According to Virginia Tech Transportation...
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.... Interestingly, I plan to have a mentor from the training institution to help me through the learning process. Although there are many things to be done, I plan to engage the initiatives one by one. I have undertaken an initiative to switch off the phone while driving to avoid the temptation of communicating through texting. I have also shifted from texting to safer methods of communication such as making calls as opposed to texting. With the use of blue-tooth technology and wireless communication device, I can now call without physically handling my cellphone. Secondly, I have programmed my cellphone to voice message when I am...
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...away from the road while driving, texting and reading text messages when driving. From my experience in driving, no one would have expected I could have caused an accident. Surprisingly, an experienced driver had caused a minor accident and got away with it. In the last 20 years, road accidents used to be caused by abuse of drugs and alcohol. My experience in driving dates more than twenty years ago. Consequently, one could say that I represent some of the many keen drivers in the country. Nevertheless, I used to check my emails and texts when driving my car, and nothing had happened...
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