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Lying is Universal - Essay Example

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[Name of the Writer] [Name of the Professor] [Name of the Course] [Date] Lying is Universal! Lying has become an inevitable part of each one of our lives. May it be our personal lives or professional endeavors, a situation that may be extremely critical in nature or a part of our leisure time, there is no escape from the phenomena of lying…
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Lying is Universal
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"Lying is Universal"

Download file to see previous pages For our elders who have already passed most parts of their lives such as our grandparents lying is such a trivial phenomenon that they hardly realize when they are undergoing it. Virtually they make themselves believe that whatever they are thinking is right and is based on nothing but facts! It has often been noticed that their thoughts about any matter in particular are based over a series of continuous lies that they have made themselves believe as facts rather than otherwise! Even if it is pointed out to them that what they are sayin is incorrect they claim to have never lied about anything ever before. Below is a narration of such a happening in which an elderly person lies about certain things without realizing what she is doing. A few weeks ago on a sunny afternoon I was lazily reclining on my armchair engrossed in the servitude of my summer vacations. “I cannot find my Ring! I have looked every where!” exclaimed my grandmother. There was nothing else that could have taken my attention off from the suspense novel that I was reading other than my grandmother’s remarks. What was so special about them was that she was talking about the so very famous ring that had a myth behind it. It was our family’s ancestral ring. ...
But today, when she had come back into her room after her morning chores she had suddenly realized that she was not wearing her ancestral ring. She could not recall when she had taken it off and where she had put it. The only thing she knew was that she had looked up all the possible places where the ring could supposedly have been but in-vain. She could find it nowhere. I and my siblings offered our services to her and each one of us took up a separate room to conduct the “Ring-Hunt” in it. Under the sofa, over the cabinet, beside the refrigerator and below the room carpet, after about 3 hours of continuous search there was no place left on our ground floor that we hadn’t looked up. In the meantime when we were busy searching we could continuously hear grandmother complaining to each and everyone of her children and friends over the phone that she had lost the ring and that she suspected the cleaning lady of having stolen her centuries’ old ring. She was so very convincingly telling everyone that the maid had taken her ring that the listener would get the idea that grandmother was cent percent sure in her saying and that it was not just an imaginary assumption that she was making. Is she not lying? I thought to myself while looking up the ring in her closet. But she was talking as if she had seen the maid take the ring with her own eyes whereas only a few hours earlier had she mentioned that she did not recall where it that she had last seen the ring was. The next thing I heard was that she had extended her Pretend-Story of Stolen Ring Even more. She had linked it with every time the maid had ever mentioned to grandma that she really appreciated the antique jewels that she possessed. She quickly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Issue of Lying
..., Mazur claims to reconsider the universal opinion on the “bad side” of lies and its healing or rationally correct effect as well. Frankly speaking, just an assumption on the many-faceted nature of lies was not enough for the author who tries to re-establish a sound-minded vision of this concept through the philosophical observation, so to speak. In this respect the truth of lying can be reached through the personal sincere realization of and confession in what one is about to achieve by means of lying. To make it plain, personal goals lead people to the possibility of lying under some definite circumstances and in order to keep oneself in safety from doing harm to...
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Psychology of Lying
...cues which expose liars (Ekman, 165). Not a lot of people can pull this off, however, people usually get away with this, since the target intended is not concerned with whether such show of emotion is real or fake. An apt example could be being pleasant about being invited to a certain party in-front of the host, while in actuality a person is feeling highly bored (Ekman, 165). Adelson (70) highlights that the psychology professor, James Pennebaker from the University of Texas at Austin, has created a computer software called the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC), which claims to predict lying behavior. According to Pennebaker, this prediction can be made on the basis of three basic markers or...
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The legality of lying be found as the perpetrator has probably killed the child since this is not the first time he/she has kidnapped a child could be justified. As a consequence, this article finds that most people are forced by circumstances to lie especially when it is for the greater good. Bibliography: Kunz G., 1998. The Paradox of Power and Weakness: Levinas and an Alternative Paradigm for Psychology. New York: SUNY Press. Markovits D., 2009. A Modern Legal Ethics: Adversary Advocacy in a Democratic Age. New Jersey: Princeton University Press. Mearsheimer J. J., 2011. Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Veatch R M., 1977. Case Studies in...
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The Truth about Lying
...The Truth about Lying The essay ‘The Truth about Lying’ by Judith Viorst talks about the different kinds of lies that people tell to make things better for the other person. These lies are intended to keep a relationship smooth, to avoid the other person getting hurt because they believe that the truth might make them unhappy. Viorst categorizes the lies into four groups that are ‘social lies’, ‘peace-keeping lies’, ‘protective lies’ and ‘trust-keeping lies’. This essay appealed to me because I felt that it told the truth about human perception about lying. She also used very real life examples to convey her point of view. Her informal style was definitely effective. Her use of the...
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Lying in ROMANTIC relationships
...? Lying in Romantic Relationships Lying can be defined as the ment of an untruth by one individual towards another or towards a group of people with the intention of either keeping the truth from them or for the purpose of ensuring that the individual protects his self-interest. In the context of this research, it can be said that when lying occurs in a romantic relationship, it often takes place because the partners within it want to keep information from each other that may be detrimental to their relationship. While lying is a common occurrence in many romantic relationships, with a large majority of partners in such relationships admitting to having lied to their...
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Lying v. Misleading
...Lying v. Misleading There is a difference between lying and misleading. Lying is saying something that is untruthful. Misleading issaying something that is technically true, but is designed to create deception. According to Stokke (1), the moral differences between lying and misleading have been a topic of debate for philosophers in general. Philosophers have not only tried to characterize the difference between lies and misleading statements, but also have debated over the moral significance of each kind of utterance. Therefore, the two main question s are what speech act is required for lying, as opposed to being misleading; and what is the moral...
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...R.Preeti 11/5/2008 LIES Right from the time one is a kid, it has been engrained in one's character, that lying is a sin. As a child, parents and teachers have administered lessons and related stories with morals, to deeply lay down the fact that speaking lies is something that is not morally and ethically right. It is a depiction of what is not true and hence, is false. In fact, even religious texts, moral and ethical treatises do highlight the fact that lying is a sin, a crime and above all, a breach of trust and truth. Courts of law offer punishment for lying and a person who lies constantly is ...
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Lying is never right
...LYING IS NEVER RIGHT James Rachels cites the “categorical imperative” of Immanuel Kant, who argues that “lying is never right, no matterwhat the circumstances”. I fully agree with Kant. Human conduct seems to indicate that many believe it is right to lie, at least on certain occasions. We find ourselves living in a society that literally conditions us to lie. Everywhere we look in our society we find glaring examples of lying and deception. In fact, after having experienced Vietnam, Watergate, Abscam and the Iran-Contra affair, most Americans believe this country’s leaders consistently lied to the people1. Add to this the Clinton scandal in which perjury is to be determined by...
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Motivating and Lying
...Lies Used for Motivation Every person has his or her own different way to keep up in a very fast-paced and challenging life. Often one needs to be inspired or motivated to be able to perform properly the assigned task which is needed to be accomplished. Others may have the notion that the compliments given to another is just a lie just to improve one’s feelings or even its confidence. Lies Used for Motivation In a very competitive world, a person often needs inspiration and motivation to be able to provide the desired outcome which is required in a particular task. According to Gorman (2004), “motivation deals with the causes of people’s behavior, it attempts to explain why we behave in the way that we do.” There are instances... Used for...
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Lying and Justice
...Lying and Justice The truth is the basis of justice, and warrants search according to law because facts are contested. Justice cannot exist without the truth. In law, the truth requires search in order to discover it. In effect, truth implies objective and reliable facts are admissible as evidence during a trial. Ho (2008) argues that the testimony of witnesses is subjective and unreliable way to discovering the truth. Hence, the testimony in legal proceedings is deemed half-truths, and cannot serve justice. In essence, the justice based on the witness is arguably haphazard. The justice system depends on the truth that has to be subjected to a legal search. In contrast, lying is a grave violation of the...
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