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Are We Living in a Moral Stone Age - Essay Example

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Name Professor Date Are We Living in a Moral Stone Age? : An Analysis Teaching about moral standards has always been an issue in the field of education. Many educators believe that moral standards should be taught in school but some argue that morality should not be imposed by educational institutions…
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Are We Living in a Moral Stone Age

Download file to see previous pages... To illustrate her main argument, the author cites an interview done by Jay Leno in Tonight Show. Based on this interview, Sommers points out that the youth nowadays do not read the Bible, and they cannot tell what is right from wrong. The technique of using the interview is similar to telling an anecdote to attract the interest of her readers. The interview conducted with the two college students serves as the springboard to the discussion. The story attracts the attention of the readers with its humorous yet sarcastic content. The content of the interview also challenges the readers to provide their own response to the interview questions. The interview by Jay Leno functions as logos. It challenges the mind of the readers to think of the right answer to the questions posted by the host. Additionally, the result of the interview provides a basis for the author’s argument. Sommers provides the evidence first before explaining her point. The interview additionally functions as ethos. In particular, the familiarity of the readers with Jay Leno and his program, Tonight Show helps to establish credibility. Sommers relies on the credibility of Jay Leno to initially convince her readers. Nevertheless, even those who are not acquainted with Jay Leno and his show would still give merit to the given example taking into consideration that the show appears regularly on TV, and the interview called “man-on-the-street” is conducted “frequently” by the host. Readers may opine that a regular show such as Tonight Show will not stay long on national TV if it is not credible enough. Hence, one can claim that Sommers used a very good example to win her readers’ attention. Sommers further uses ethos as she mentions being a professor of ethics. This technique establishes her credibility in giving opinions on ethical issues. She cites her personal observations to further demonstrate her view. Considering her as a professor, her readers may consider her insights valuable because they are based on her professional experience. Therefore, informing readers of her position as a college professor makes Sommers a more credible and experienced writer in the minds of the readers. Furthermore, Sommers uses pathos to convince her readers. After identifying herself as a professor of ethics, she expresses her concern for the American youth, saying, “One of the best things our schools can do for America is to set about repairing it — by confronting the moral nihilism that is now the norm for so many students.” Coming from a professor, this statement demonstrates that Sommers is genuinely concerned about the morals of students. Noting her concern, readers will be convinced of the author’s truthfulness, hence view her as a highly credible writer. Sommers divides her ideas into subheadings. Each subheading hints on a different angle of the issue, which allows the author to expound her ideas further. The first subheading is titled, “Conceptual Moral Chaos.” This part works in two ways. First, it implies the limitations of her scope. Second, it further builds the confidence of her readers on her claim. Reading this part fully will give readers an idea of what Sommers is pertaining to when she claims that “young people are morally confused.” Her claim about the youth may sound too judgmental for a young reader who would possibly feel skeptical about the claim. However, reading ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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