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Instructor Date The Use of Computers in Education There has been an increased debate on both sides of the divide as to whether computers should be used in education or not. First, in this research, I intend to give arguments in favour of computers then present those against, before I draw inference on what should be considered…
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The Use of Computers in Education
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"The Use of Computers in Education"

Download file to see previous pages Computers should be incorporated in the educational curriculum so that they become part of the students’ academic life (postman 15). Once the student is familiar with computer programmes, they begin to wonder and imagine how they could come up with their own programmes and models, which increases their critical thinking and empowers their creativity. Using computers in education challenges the learners to exploit their creative potential unlike the traditional learning approaches where the students heavily depended on the teacher and textbooks available in school, and therefore their critical and creative thinking is limited to the teachers’. Computers also award students a chance to advance their line of profession since they offer students more than what they get from their teachers. From the computers, students are able to learn more than what is examined in school in addition to practising it on the computer. With increased access to intellectual materials on the internet, today’s learners begin to think professionally from an early stage. As time goes by, everyone shall have a computer, which will give him/her power to reach out for knowledge beyond what the teacher can offer in the classroom. This will promote imagination, as students begin to learn according to their own speed and professional orientation. Furthermore, computers will be used to solve some of the shortcomings experienced in traditional school systems. For example, shortage of teachers will no longer be an issue as learners will be individualistic and able to learn by correspondence. Computers ensure continuity of learning as learners still end up using computers long after they have left school. They never get bored by computers and make better use of them at home than even at school. The excitement created by computers never dies easily as learners are always pursuing new knowledge and current technological advancements. Many a learner love computer games and with that comes the desire amongst the learners to make their own computer games and other interesting programmes. In the process, they end up learning other technical aspects of the computer, which enable them to develop a new line of thinking that enhances their sense of self worth. This boosts their esteem and ego. Computers bring the parent and their children together. They will glue themselves to the computer and the parent shall help their children with homework and also teach them more about computers. This will promote unity and learning culture in the family and hence improve learners’ performance in class (Papert 72). Arguments against Computers in Education According to the opponents of use of computers in education, the argument that learners need to be computer savvy otherwise they will have difficulties when searching for jobs does not hold water since computers are easy to learn and understand. The antagonists argue that students can learn computer techniques before being employed or at any other time outside the school curriculum. Besides, they argue that many people have learnt computer usage on the job and were able to get on well with their jobs and that not learners have access to computers at home. It will therefore be discriminatory on the part of the teacher to insist that learners use computers, for example, by insisting that assignments be typed when they know only too well that some of the learners have no access to computer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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