Mother Tongue by Amy Tan and Veil by Marjane Satrapi - Essay Example

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The two texts, ‘Mother Tongue’ by Amy Tan and ‘Veil’ by Marjane Satrapi, demonstrate the power of written and visual content and succeed in their fundamental objective of connecting with their readers. The literature often reflects the social changes and provokes readers to react or assimilate personal reflections…
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Mother Tongue by Amy Tan and Veil by Marjane Satrapi
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"Mother Tongue by Amy Tan and Veil by Marjane Satrapi"

Download file to see previous pages Language is and will always remain to be key constituent of communication. The article, ‘Mother Tongue’ is highly provocative in its connotations because it not only shows that language, specifically, English language is significant medium of expression but most importantly, it has succeeded to evoke creative discourse on issue which is intrinsically linked to the language. Indeed, facilitating communication through language is critical issue within and outside the precinct of language externalities like grammar, spelling, correct phrasing etc. She is emphatic that English as literary language needs to be confined within the paradigms of literature only, though, of course, language that is easily understood is an important condition. She stresses that language ability is often associated with wide ranging implications, leaving behind its key objective of communication. Often in a developed society, the lack of command in the native language is construed to be a major deficiency that reflects in undermining the dignity of individuals. The individuals get associated with personality disorders and deliberately not taken seriously. She cites the example of her mother who is not proficient in English language, thus uses ‘broken or fractured English’. ...
highly innovative in her work that has communicated her deepest feeling not through structured English but by graphic displays that have conveyed her thoughts effectively. The ‘Veil’ depicts the religious fanatics and the strict code of conduct under the stringent and extremely biased Islamic laws that reflect a new perspective of the people of Iran. The text/visuals disseminate information in a unique manner that is praiseworthy as well as hugely imaginative. Satrapi has shown that communication has more than one media and language is just a tool that strengthens expressions of thoughts into concrete format. Most importantly, the author of ‘Veil’ has revealed new dimension of language. She shows that language can also be interpreted in diverse ways and readers/ listeners need also be tuned to the changing thought processes of the concerned individual. In other words, understanding of people also becomes a critical element in the effective communication processes. People must make efforts to understand the compulsions of other individuals who are probably trying to communicate important information in a language that might be ‘broken or fractured’ as Amy Tan says. The native language and immigrants have become two important faces of same coin, the language barrier! Indeed, it cannot be denied that proficiency in native language is desirable but making it a compulsion for common man defeats the very purpose of language which is to communicate. The issue of language, specifically, English language is an important factor for myriad reasons. It is widely used in the developing world where immigrants go for higher education or for better prospects vis-a-vis job opportunities and personal and professional growth. Hence, knowledge and skill in the language is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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