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The paper 'Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi' focuses on an autobiographical account of the time when Iran was undergoing an Islamic Revolution under the religious leader, Khomeini. It depicts the changing times and human relationship through a combination of pictorial depiction and text…
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Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
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Satrapi belongs to an elite class and her early childhood was spent in an environment that was modern, where people were free to express themselves. But during the revolution, they all experienced same agonizing transition as other people. The revolution changes things overnight and the very people, who praised the Shah turn against him. The strict code of conduct under the stringent and extremely biased Islamic laws, have given a new perspective of the people of Iran. Persepolis has accurately reflected the changing society through the drawings which have become more pronounced in the threatening postures of the revolutionaries.
The horrors of turbulent times are seen through the eyes of a child and expressed graphically. The behind-the-door utterances and the little ways, people show their defiance has all been skillfully scripted in the drawings. Streaks of hair coming out of the charter and veil showed their insolence despite meekly following the dictums of the rebels. Indeed, confusion amongst the public and the wary way they were conforming to the new order has all been excellently portrayed by Satrapi in the book. The first part ends when war breaks out between Iran and Iraq.
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