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Drunk Driving in America and Penalty - Research Paper Example

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Drunk Driving in America and Panalty [Author] [Institution] Introduction Drunk driving has been regarded as an important problem in America that continues to plague the American highways causing several deaths and injuries. According to the estimated almost 40percent of the road accidents in American involve at least one drunk driver or bicyclist…
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Drunk Driving in America and Penalty
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Extract of sample "Drunk Driving in America and Penalty"

Download file to see previous pages In order to deal with the dilemma of drunk driving every state has formulated and implemented different sets of drunk driving laws, enforcements, courts and procedure of punishment. It is found that sometimes the complexity of the laws allow the offenders to escape without facing any punishment whereas the offenders can also avoid the conviction through plea bargain. The experts have identified some flaws in the drunken driving laws and have called for making some necessary changed in the punishment structure to avoid further cases of drunken driving accidents. The essay aims to discuss the effects of drunk driving and the laws made to prevent drunk driving. The essay also examines the effectiveness of these laws and need to make them stricter. Effects of Drunk Driving Drunk driving draws serious and long lasting impacts upon the health and lives of the people involved however, it is commonly observed that people are not well aware of the serious consequences of this habit and they realize it very late. The seriousness of the drunken driving impact could be estimated from the fact that every thirty minute a person is killed and every two minute a person is injured in America due to drunk driving. ...
Thousands of people are killed every year in America as a result of such accidents and thousands of other got injuries when they got involved in the accidents where the driver is drunk (Hedlund and McCartt, 2002). The drunk driving also because damage of property, vehicles and other objects that came in the circle of the vehicle being driven by a drunk driver. Hence, drunk driving cause both financial and human loss and has become a very tough challenge for the society (Scott, 2006). Drunk driving is very common in America. Almost 21percent of the Americans have informed that they have driven after drinking in the part years which means that millions of trips are taken by the drunk drivers each year, many of them resulted in accidents and injuries. Though there are several laws formulated to prevent drinking driving but these laws are not very harsh. The arrests of the drunk drivers are very rare in America because people are usually released after warning or small punishment. There is need to develop improved drunk driving control system in order to assure that the people who drive after drinking are arrested consistently and are also convicted and punished according to the law. People must be made aware that they have to face stick legal procedure when they will catch involved in the drunken driving incident (Valle, 1986). Drunk Driving Laws and Punishments The effects of drunk driving have compelled the states to crack down on the offenders of the drinking driving laws and to make the legal framework more effective to deal with such people in very harsh manner. The terms DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) are commonly used to refer to the offenders of the drinking driving laws and it is strongly demanded ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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