Lack of Communication in Relationship - Essay Example

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This paper reveals most common issues that are inherent in average relations; it draws a parallel between hiding fleeting glimpse of negative emotions and global misunderstandings…
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Lack of Communication in Relationship
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"Lack of Communication in Relationship"

Every social interaction follows a complicated formula of social protocols, rituals and behavior expectations. The more intimate the relationship is, the more complicated this formula becomes. One factor, which is essential to complete each and every such formula is communication. This is a tool which helps people meet, get to know each other and also to stay with each other. As one moves along this chain, more and more communication is required amongst the people. The most importance it holds is in keeping people together. If the relationship is empty from adequate communication, it is in the danger of perishing and dying out, even if it otherwise faced the possibility of thriving under the right amount of communication. Thus, frequent communication is necessary in order to maintain a healthy relationship, and the lack thereof puts the relationship in danger of extinction. One of the most important reasons why communication supports the relationship is because it helps keep an open flow if interaction between the two people. This is not specific to romantic relationships, but rather to any relationship which makes the existence of one person important to another person on an emotional level (Canary & Dainton, 2003). This can apply to family, friends and even coworkers.When a relationship exists between two people, they consider each other important and depend on the other person on an emotional level. Thus, communication is necessary for this emotional bond to thrive and pass any test of time. If a husband and a wife are each too busy in their own responsibilities and jobs, it is a challenge to find time to communicate with each other frequently, since both of them are prone to be busy during most of the day and tired during the rest. However, for their relationship to continue functioning properly, it is necessary for them to make the effort to communicate on a daily basis. This is because the emotional importance for the other person will only last if each person is able to convey their problems and feelings to the other. This process forms an emotional dependence on each other, which then leads to the strengthening of the existing bond.Another reason for the significance of communication in a relationship is that it helps prevent common relationship problems which can sometimes end or damage the relationship. If the couple does not manage a proper amount of frequent communication, they will either find other friends or colleagues to share their problems with, or they will just start to internalize any negative feelings or thoughts they may have. The former of these will lead to the weakening of the relationship they have with their spouses, and a transfer of that emotional attachment to the other friend or coworker. This is a problem, which causes several relationships to end, since the emotional bond withers away when the person no longer feels the importance of their spouse. The latter of these, which is to internalize the negative feelings, is also very harmful to the relationship. This is because it leads to growing frustration and resentment, and the person is prone to exhibit these negative feelings in their behavior. Furthermore, since the spouse is the person they live with, this negative behavior will surely affect the spouse negatively as well, causing increased conflict and emotional anguish on both sides (Odukoya, 2010). Thus, a healthy flow of communication is greatly helpful in preventing any such relationship problems, and thus helps keep relationship survive.Finally, another reason why lack of communication endangers a relationship is because it helps the two people stay connected and updated about each other. When a person undergoes severe problems and challenging situations, whether at work or in some family matter, it often alters the way the person thinks or feels about certain issues. This can cause a considerable and noticeable change in the person, which is sometimes for the worst (Sherts, 2010). The only people, who can truly understand this person’s change without letting it affect them negatively, are those people who understand the reasons for this change, and are aware of the experience that this person just underwent. If the communication between the person undergoing the change and their friends is strong and frequent, the friends will be updated on any difficulty that this person is experiencing. Thus, they will not only understand and accept any changes in that person, but they will also be present to help this person through any difficult situations and give him or her emotional support as needed. This highlights one of the most important aspects of friendship, which makes such social relationships absolutely necessary for the person. Finally, it is important to note that the communication required can be of several forms and these forms vary across different types of relationships. Communication can be verbal as well as non-verbal, and leaves a person numerous ways to express their feelings. In some situations, verbal communications, such as physical gestures are more appropriate (Guerrero & Floyd, 2006). But the most important aspect of communicating is not to choose the right mode of communication, but to ensure that the flow of communication does not dry up in a relationship, since the lack of communication can end or diminish the relationship. Read More
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angelita34 added comment 5 months ago
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The topic of "Lack of Communication in Relationship " is quite often seen among the tasks in high school. Still, this paper opens a fresh perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the idea for my own text.
The intention of this study is role of communication in human life. Through the assistance of communication, individuals can intermingle with others and contribute for the improvement of their relationship and also to their personal skills. Communication process is mandatory for human beings, as it increases the cognitive skills through the development of interaction between two people.
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