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Year round schooling - Research Paper Example

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National Association for Year-Round Education puts the estimate of students attending year round schools in the figures from 2.3 million to upwards in the U.S. public schools…
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Year round schooling
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"Year round schooling"

Download file to see previous pages But many parents prefer sending their kids to summer schools or course programs offered by the schools because most of them think it’d do their kid good. NAYRE has reported that now “3,181 public schools” are up and running all year round, compared with “408 schools in 1986-87” (2011). Year-round schooling is both good and bad, bringing with it both positive and negative. In a report published in 1994, “Prisoners of Time,” it was suggested that the schools which had moved on from the traditional schooling to the year round one, “better met the needs of contemporary society” and “resulted in an increased student achievement”. NAYRE was among the groups which pushed for a year round schooling system. Whereas groups like “Summer Matters”, remain convinced that the traditional calendar serves the need of the society best. Students in year round schools do not have the usual three-month like their peers in schools with a three-month summer vacations. But what do they have instead? Better education? Do they have better education? Are they less trouble for the parents? Is there a financial raise on house taxes that are needed to cover the funds for lunches and schools? Cut down on the time that could be spend learning other things like karate, or camping? The report answers these questions with the help of 6 reference news paper articles, which are: “The Case of Summer School.” By Linda Roberts, San Francisco. Jun. 2011. “Chief Proposes Year-Round Classes to Aid Programs.” By V. Dion Haynes, Washington Post. 04 Sept. 2006. “Parents circulating Petitions Against Year-Round Schooling.” By Lan Nguyen, Baltimore Sun. 12 Feb 1995. “We need Year-Round School to compete Globally.” By LZ Granderson, CNN. 10 May.2011 “The Case of Year-Round School.” By Bridge Schutle, Washington Post 7th June 2009. “Administrative Problems Related to the 11 or 12-month School Year.” By Childress R. Jack and Philippi A. Harlan, University Of North Carolina. Mar 1964. JSTOR. 14th July 2011. “Year-round School gains ground around U.S.” by Alex Johnson, MSNBC news. 27th Oct 2010. A number of districts allow parents to choose to send their kids to schools with year round schedules. Some have strict policies for the students to come to schools. All the parents are charged for the increased house taxes. So they might as well just go ahead and send their kids to school in the summers. But are these summers beneficial? If the kids stay at home what would they do instead? Indulge in fights. Do drugs. Watch wasteful undulating TV programs. It is true that a lot of students go to summer camps, or karate classes, or swimming lessons. But not all parents can afford to send their children to such places and so the children indulge in Huckle Berryfinn like activities. Summer vacations were first introduced when the kids were needed in the farms to help their parents cut the wheat and go fishing. But now a day’s most of the population lives in the big cities. Where there is nothing to do in the farms. So instead they waste their time. And to top it off, when they do get back to school after the three month vacation, they are so brain washed that the teachers have to spend an extra four to six weeks in revising what they did before summers and then bring the class on track. By that time most of the students are tired again and want another vacation. Many of the American students lack in most of the subjects these days. Granderson brings down American education by calling the kids “dumb” and unable to compete against the world’s smartest. The statistics that he presents state that most of the American children ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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