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Year Round School System, Better Than Summer Vacation - Research Paper Example

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Year round school systems can be much more beneficial than allowing students to have a break like summer vacation. Through much of education history, the standard school policies allow for students to begin school in the early fall near the end of the summer. …
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Year Round School System, Better Than Summer Vacation
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Download file to see previous pages Students then learn through the fall, winter and spring. At the end of the spring students are finished with school for the year and get to enjoy a nice 8-10 weeks of break. This is a traditional school year and what’s wrong with that? The answer is simply facts! Facts have proven that the benefits to year round education are much more beneficial than traditional education. The problem regarding traditional and year round school is students who attend year round schooling have better scores on tests then students who attend traditional school systems (Lyttle 2011). To further explore why this is so, it is important to understand what happens during summer vacation. A typical summer vacations involves young children to be at day care, and older children left home. Parents still continue to work if they are not stay at home parents. Quickly children lose sense of a schedule. The children begin to sleep in, change eating habits, stay up later, and some make bad decisions. Hardly any studying is done and study time is quickly replaced with video games, television and the internet. Due to changes in schedule during the summer, students forget nearly everything they learned over the school year. This is even more so devastating to children with developmental disorders as they need the constant learning. This problem can be addressed to improve education by allowing for year round schooling. Year round schooling can be much more beneficial in so many different ways. Year round schooling benefits students, parents and teachers. Students benefit from year round schooling by improving tests scores and increasing more efficient work habits. Students whom are able to study year round better retain information as it is not lost due to break in habits. Information that is normally lost during summer vacation is better retained and more focus can be put toward new learning instead of having to refresh what was forgotten over summer break. A study conducted in over 345,000 schools in the state of North Carolina shows an increase in academic achievements for students who attended year round school versus traditional school. In the article, year round school can be defined as, “180 days of school instruction that has shorter breaks rather than one large break during the summer”(McMillen2001). Students from lower income levels benefit the most from year round schooling. Year round schooling shows the best benefits when children from low income levels are on a year round school schedule. This may be due to their may be no adult present in the home during the summer and students are able to do as they please. In an article be Tracy Huebner, research has proven that students from low income homes were better off participating in year round schooling as they had higher scores in spelling, reading and math (Huebner 2010). Teachers also benefit from a year round school system. Year round schooling for teachers can be quite beneficial especially if teachers are not on a salary rate. When faced with year round versus traditional school setting on non salary earnings, teachers are more likely to seek year round schooling. Besides earnings, there are many other reasons why year round schooling is more beneficial to teachers. Teachers normally plan the fall school year refreshing much information lost during summer vacation. Year round schooling involves less having to refresh during the fall and more complete and continuous focus throughout the year. Lessons plans allow for more focused learning. Parents would likely prefer year round schooling with shorter breaks rather than one larger break. It is easier on parents whose children are in year round sch ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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