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First Love: The Narrator as the Adolescent-Adult - Essay Example

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Judith Oritz Cofer’s essay, “I Fell in Love, or My Hormones Awakened,” is an autobiographical account of ‘first love.’ The narrator is a fourteen year old High School freshman who falls in love with a senior…
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First Love: The Narrator as the Adolescent-Adult
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Download file to see previous pages The boy is flattered by her adoration, and gives her a kiss – not as a gift of love, but as an egoistic, passing token of acknowledgement. This portrait of first love, and disappointment, is etched in such delicate lines of tenderness and poignancy that it tugs at the heartstrings. It is punctuated with snippets of humor and wit. Above all else, it is the persona of the narrator which invites empathy, and gives the story its appeal. The narrative voice is adolescent, but often reveals the undertones of the mature adult of the future. The character of the narrator is an endearing mix of adolescent self-consciousness and adult perceptiveness which charms the reader. The narrator shows the typical self-consciousness of the peer-centric adolescent, with all its uncertainties and complexes. Her low self-esteem makes her underestimate her worth. She identifies herself as was “a skinny Puerto Rican girl,” (681) who is very much outside the glorified orbit in which her rich, Italian, Marlon Brando look-alike moves. She is content to worship him from a distance, and has such a low sense of self-worth that she thinks herself to be “invisible” in her shadowing of her love. Her status is “nothing.” Her sense of inferiority make her love unequal: it is not a partnership of equals. She is a worshipper at the altar of her god. Her concession that he is beyond her reach is founded on her feeling of unworthiness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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