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Autobiographical Narrative - Essay Example

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Life seemed most enjoyable and valuable to me when I overcame the real challenge of life. I’m no more the old self once I surmounted this ultimate obstacle in my life because now I love my life ever more than anyone else ever did!…
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Autobiographical Narrative
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, I have started to see new things with my own eyes which I never used to see before; feel new things with the same heart which never gave me those feelings before! Of course, things have changed considerably since I overcame this ultimate test of my life, but the test was never an easy one! It was the first and most crucial challenge in my entire life up to the last fifteen years when my doctor advised me to become a vegetarian in order to improve my health. For a person who was born and brought up as a ‘pure’ non-vegetarian, the ‘mere’ idea behind this vegetarianism was anything but easily digestible. And, no doubt, I became too upset too fast! “It is going to be in the best interest of your life!” – my physician was clear-cut in his voice. I tried my best to avoid such a situation – I debated a great deal with the doctor on the idiocy of the idea, and organized my arguments against concept of vegetarianism. But, in the end, I had to give up my idea, and then started the most challenging phase of my life. “Hope it’s not going to be the end of my happy life” – thought I, as I came out of the physician’s room....
I never knew, in my short life, what it means to adjust or compromise, because I have never been of that type. “I want a play-station today” – I would demand my mom, and it was there in the evening. Even my elder brother was not fortunate in enjoying this distinction, as he was always directed to make the adjustments for me! “You ought to make the compromise, Jerry,” my father used to tell my brother, “because John is much younger to you.” In other words, there is not a single child in the whole world who was fortunate to enjoy the more satisfying things in life and I lived like a king in my own empire. Life seemed terribly changed once I was expected to make adjustments for the first time in my entire life – that too, on the very matter which is most crucial in my life. I think I’m yet to introduce myself as a person who is deeply addicted to eating too much, but it is the most telltale feature of my life. I’m widely known among my friends and relatives as a youngster who was an ardent admirer of non-vegetarian items in the menu. Yes, I have been a ‘pure’ non-vegetarian for the last fifteen years or more! I just love to come across more recipes in non-vegetarian and I had a craze for Italian and Chinese cuisine. I enjoyed almost all the items in my non-veg. menu and it was almost clear from the way I looked. I’m under treatment for the same reason – that I’m an obese now. I was prescribed to turn to be a vegetarian for the same reason – as part of the overall strategy for weight control, cholesterol reduction, and blood pressure reduction. It was a Himalayan task for me to adjust myself to the requirements of my new life which is totally devoid of the presence of fish, meat, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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