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Mom's on Facebook - Essay Example

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One of the main issues discussed in the video that relates to the idea of Facebook security is the fact that it allows individuals to intrude into others easily. In this particular video, the mother was able to reply to any posts that her son made. …
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Moms on Facebook
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Download file to see previous pages However, one cannot diminish the fact that these social networking websites have caused an up rise over security flaws that have plagues the creation of the networking websites. Facebook privacy breaches have without a doubt become a nightmare for its users. The social networking website has come under heavy fire for the lack of security options it offers its users. The issue at hand has become out of control as privacy regulators have called for the government to intervene in this issue. The privacy problems continue to accumulate as Mark Zuckerberg continues to make this website more public to its users. Instead of limiting controls, Facebook has become notorious for developing more tools that hinder privacy. The privacy issue continues to haunt the users as many have been victims of ID theft, fraud, and email scams. Facebook application administrators even admit that there are privacy issues concerning this networking website. Many reports have confirmed that many Facebook applications are a threat since they share data with other advertisers. Without a doubt, Facebook security is not safe because of enhanced features, information sharing, lack of filters, and creates bias for employees.employees. One of the main issues discussed in the video that relates to the idea of Facebook security is the fact that it allows individuals to intrude into others easily. In this particular video, the mother was able to reply to any posts that her son made. Furthermore, the mother in this case can see the pictures of other individuals who are not aware that someone is viewing their pictures. Clearly, these lays foundation for people to cyber stalk individuals who they find attractive. Moreover, one cannot diminish the fact that users are allowed to look at every content that individuals post on Facebook. Majority of the users are unaware of the privacy settings in their own Facebook. Facebook security in essence lacks the criteria of allowing individuals to practice privacy which is essential in the fast technological era we reside in. From my perspective, clearly Facebook lacks quality assurance of security that it needs to implement to assure its users that they won’t be victims of cyber stalking. Furthermore, Facebook should implement rules that ask consent of individuals whose images are uploaded in their friend’s webpages. Although this seems as a hefty effort, one cannot diminish the true essence and the importance of it. Securing images of others can truly diminish stalking and other illicit relationships that are based upon lust. Another reason why I think Facebook is dangerous a social utility tool is due to the fact that it lacks the necessary security protocols to protect its users. In a high technological world, networking has become a very easy concept. Facebook allows individuals to display their personal information, “poke” others, tag friends, “like’ statuses. Although these features might seem harmless, one cannot diminish the fact that it creates a foundation of much more interaction to come. A mysterious “poke” from another individual can be a gateway towards being more than “just friends.” This could be extremely dangerous especially for young teenagers, who are just amazed by the powerful features of the social utilities that are present in Facebook. Many teenagers tend to upload many pictures and share their interests, information, hobbies, and other personal information that others can view. This could be detrimental as many stalkers and child abusers take advantage of these resources to intimate contact with these children. One of the groups in Facebook is known as “You have poked me, I am assuming you are DTF?.” These absurd concepts are not humorous but unfortunately reality. Many Facebook users admit that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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