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Self Evaluation of Writing an - Essay Example

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As a non-native speaker and writer of the English language, I used to make a lot of mistakes when writing an essay for school. One reason for this is because there are so many differences between the Chinese language and the American style of writing in English. …
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Self Evaluation of Writing an Essay
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"Self Evaluation of Writing an"

Download file to see previous pages A Chinese language essay is stylistically like a circle, which means the readers have to figure out the meaning through personal interpretation as they return to the original intention of the author. On the other hand, the American English essay is stylistically like a straight line, which means reader will find the thesis statement directly given at the beginning of the essay. Even though the process of writing an essay is similar in English and Chinese, it has been difficult for me to change from the Chinese style of writing, presentation, and organization to the American way represented in brainstorming, outlining, establishing a thesis statement, and completing the research in a structured pattern. Because of this, I have reflected on my own experience and mistakes in English composition to formalize a list of issues I need to correct in my own writing and work. When I was studying previously in the ESL program and taking a writing class at Seattle Central Community College, I typically did not “brainstorm” by writing down all of my ideas as part of my essay preparation. Frankly, I thought brainstorming was wasting my time. There were only forty-five minutes permitted for an in class writing assignment, so I always felt that I had no time to brainstorm. However, because of this, I always got stuck on the assignments where I had no idea what I should write next. For example, when I wrote my final, a timed writing assignment for my level three writing class, I did not write enough words because I had nothing prepared in advance that would allow me to continue to write on the topic after the first few paragraphs. After I got a humiliating grade on this final exam, I thought I had made a wrong choice and should have pursued a better topic to write about initially. I asked myself why I did not choose another question for the writing originally. In retrospect, at this time, I did not know the importance of brainstorming. Sometimes my ESL writing teachers would ask me to brainstorm before I started to write, but my brainstorm always was prepared after my rough draft was finished. Therefore, I usually changed my topic again after the brainstorming process, and I often could not finish the essay on time in the class period. Because I came to grief over this several times, I realized finally that the brainstorming process is necessary for a successful essay. Now, I will spend one hour to brainstorm in advance preparation for any of my essay assignments because it will save me a lot of time in the long run on the project. If I do a perfect brainstorm in advance, I can organize this information easily through an outline into a five paragraph essay with thesis statements and support examples. Following these steps, I can finish my essay faster and easier. In addition, it is important to brainstorm before writing because I can also correct my mistakes before I write. For instance, when I was writing an argumentation essay, I had included the wrong ideas as examples to support my thesis statement. Before I started to write the next assignment, I presented my outline in advance to my teacher. She helped me to change the wrong ideas and figure out a new approach to organizing the essay. Brainstorming is easy for me as a study method and saves me a lot of time in writing the final essay. After the brainstorming process is complete, the thesis statement should be developed as the central theme of the essay. However, I always made mistakes when writing my thesis statements when I was in ESL program. Likewise, I always wrote outside of the topic area if I forgot to check my thesis against the question repeatedly. When I made sure my thesis statement was a condensed version of the answer to the essay ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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