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Industrial uses for hemp - Research Paper Example

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Hemp is the name of a soft fiber cultivated from the cannabis genus plant. With its linen like quality, hemp proves beneficial in many industries, for example, textile, biodegradable plastic, and fuel industries. Amongst other useful purposes, it is also used as a psychoactive drug…
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Industrial uses for hemp
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"Industrial uses for hemp"

Download file to see previous pages Due to this reason, hemp cultivation has been banned by the federal law in the United States, with China being the largest legal cultivator of hemp for industrial use. This, surprisingly, is a great loss as hemp has great industrial uses. Hemp is used to make about 25000 different products. Apart from the traditional uses in well-known products like rope, twine, nets, canvas bags and carpets, the fiber from the hemp plant can also be used in the production of textiles for apparel, diapers, sheets, towels, tents, drapes, knapsacks and shoes. Surprisingly enough, the first Levi's jeans were made out of hemp fibers and were stronger and possessed better quality. Hemp oil possesses the property of oxidizing as soon as it comes in contact with direct air, and if not stored properly, can become rancid. The proper way of storing the oil is to place it in a dark glass bottle and refrigerate or freeze. Due to this quality, hemp oil is used in manufacturing oil-based paints. They help the paint to quickly dry out and yet have an oily/wet effect when sealed open. Linseed oil possesses the same quality and is used in the paint industry as a substitute. Hemp oil is also a great moisturizer, and is thus used in the production of moisturizing creams and is used in the cosmetic industry to make creams, lipsticks, foundations, mascaras etc. Its healing and inflammatory properties trigger its use in the production of lip balms and freckle, anti-blemish creams for facial purposes. Hemp is also used to create ropes of varying strengths. Hemp, in its natural form, appears very similar to the linen cloth. Its twigs are braided together to make ropes. The strengths of the ropes can be varied by changing proportions of the organic fibers being used in making the rope. Hemp happens to be a strong fiber and thus as its proportion is increased, the rope gains more strength. Hemp is also used to manufacture cloth, blending it with other fibers to like cotton and silk to add strength to the cloth and give it a more ever lasting effect. Hemp, in its neat form, with very little addition of other organic fibers, is used to make everlasting fabric, making it strong and difficult to tear apart. Hemp seeds are an essential for the animal/bird feed industry. According to a survey in 2003, it was discovered that more than 95% of hemps sold in the entire European Union is used as animal or bird feed. Hemp seed is also used by pharmaceuticals as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Its use dates back to the third millennium BC, where hemp was used as a healer to accelerate the healing of all kinds of burns; injuries from the use of fire or lifting hot sum and substance, strong sun burns due to excessive exposure to the sun, etc. It was also used to treat rheumatism, ulcers, asthma, insomnia, migraine and other health problems. Hemp also possesses high nutritional value, and includes high amounts of dietary fiber, calcium and iron. Another unique property of the plant is that it does not trigger any kind of allergies. Hemp oil can also be used as a supplement to those who are under-nutritioned, relieving symptoms of eczema and the seed contains a high content of omega-3. Surprisingly enough, hemp is also used to make building material, for instance, concrete-like blocks made out of hemp and lime are used as insulators in buildings. Very recently, The Renewable House in the UK, was made using hemp-based materials. Hemp also has the ability to be used as fuel. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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