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Phonemic awareness and it's relationship to word analysis - Research Paper Example

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Phonemic Awareness Author's name Institutional affiliation Phonemic Awareness There exist several Definitions of Phonemic Awareness as presented by different scholars, below are some of the definitions, According to James franc from the University of Oxford, Phonemic awareness refers to the capacity to notice, and to think about, and then work with a person’s sounds in words…
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Phonemic awareness and its relationship to word analysis
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"Phonemic awareness and it's relationship to word analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Phonemic awareness can be considered as a subset of the phonological awareness in where listeners possess the ability to hear, and identify and the manipulate phonemes, smallest units of sound which may differentiate meaning, is Separating, spoken word " the cat" through into three separate phonemes, /?/, /k/, and /t/, requiring the phonemic awareness. National Reading Panel (NRP) had realized several years ago that the phonemic awareness may and do elates an individual’s word reading and comprehension in reading, in addition to assisting people learn to know how to spell. According to a research conducted by the University of Nairobi Phonemic awareness can safely be considered as the basis for learning the phonics. Phonemic Awareness And Phonological Awareness Phonology awareness and Phonemic awareness, more often than not are confused as most of the circumstances they are considered interdependent. Phonemic awareness capability to manipulate and hear individual phonemes. On the other hand Phonological awareness do include this capacity, in conjunction to the ability to hear and then manipulate much larger units of an individual’s sound, these includes the rimes, onsets and syllables. Several Studies by the Vickie Snider have indicated openly that the phonemic awareness possess a more than direct correlation with its students’ capability to read as they tend to get older. In fact it is claimed that Phonemic awareness do build a very strong foundation from which the students to do understand rules of English language. This as a result allows respective student to put in practice the skills and thereby increasing the student’s oral reading eloquence and in understanding of the text. Phonemic Awareness Skills Practiced With Students The above subject matter relates to the capability to differentiate and handle individual sounds, like /?/, /f/, and /t/ just as for instance in pronunciation the foot. Below are some of the general phonemic awareness skills practiced with students: Phoneme isolation: that necessitates recognizing individual sounds in the respective words, instance, "update me the initial sound heard “paste" (/p/). Phoneme identity: that requires distinguishing common sound in dissimilar words, for instance, "update me the sound which is similar in boy, bike and bell (/b/). Phoneme substitution: where an individual has the ability to turn words like “cat” to another like "hat" just by replacing a single phoneme ”/h.” for another /k/. The Phoneme substitution may and do take place for initial sounds as in the (cat-hat), the middle sounds such as the (cat-cut) or the ending sounds as in the (cat- can). Oral segmenting: A teacher may say a word like, "ball," then the students go ahead to say the respective sounds, as in /b/, /?/, and /l/. Oral blending: Teacher may say each individual sounds, as in, /b/, /?/, /l/ then the students respond by saying the word, "ball." Sound deletion: Tutor says one word, for instances, "bill," then the students repeat it, he/ she then instructs the students to replicate or repeat the word in the absence of a sound. Onset-rime manipulation: That necessitates identification, isolation, segmentation, deletion blending, of onsets “single consonant or blend which leads the vowel and behind consonants, for instance, st-op, j-ump, str-ong. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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