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Subject: 02 December 2012 Banning the Sale of Violent Video Games to Minors Right from the early stages of introduction in crude form by Thomas T Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann in 1948, video games have remained a great source of amusement…
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Banning the sale of violent video games to minors
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Download file to see previous pages Besides, Sony’s Sixais and DualShock, which are motion controlled, have further revolutionized the gaming experience. Video Games often contain violence or sex or a combination of both, which may be inappropriate to children. With so much of entertainment, violence and carnage have found their place in new generation gaming. This paradigm has resulted in encouraging aggressive behavior in children apart from decreasing their involvement in social and other creative activities. Media blames modern day video games as the causative element in triggering violence in children, which is a major concern for today’s youth (Cumberpatch, 2000). An analysis of over 130 studies, selected from 130000 subjects, reveals that violent video gaming leaves lasting impression of aggression in the players (Ferguson& Kilburn, 2010). California State law department has filed a case in the US Supreme Court for banning violent video games in the state. Justice Antinin Scalia along with majority of jury, however, has rejected the request on the premise that it amounts to restricting young people rights. Thus, the responsibility of protection has shifted over to guardians, who may need to screen the content of video games being played by their children. The case, finally received a ruling in favor of video game programmers, thus leaving the onus on parents. More interestingly, the applicant for imposing sensor ship on violent video game has been Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once portrayed a violent character in the movie trilogy, Terminator. However, the Americans cannot simple ignore the episodes of violence occurring in the country such as the Long Island incident, where six teenagers were apprehended for violet attack, car looting and breaking into private property. During the interrogation, they have admitted that they were attempting to imitate Niko Belic, a character in Grand Theft Auto IV, a popular video game. There is no need to emphasize the negative consequences this event can have on the future of these teenagers at a very tender and crucial stage of their lives. Even violent movies can leave indelible marks on the psych of teenagers, who may be lacking in the faculty of rational thinking and informed decision making. Therefore, violent video gaming, which facilitates interaction and control over the outcomes, is more likely to instigate violent behavior in children and cause them more harm. Another major impact of video game on teenagers becomes evident from the fact that it may cause them to remain idle, playing games without engaging in other activities and thus result in unhealthy physique. Most of the games involve more mental activity and less physical exertion and, therefore, it can promote obesity in children. In the present scenario, where lifestyle has become rather sedentary and comfortable, with parents allowing children to eat junk food, the lack of physical activities can be all the more damaging if teenagers continue playing video games by ignoring games that require physical exertion. Oliver (2000) contends that 30 years of studies in this regard confirms the linkage between violence in media and problems in children (Olivier, 2000). The American Psychology Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have categorized children into five groups according to their age. These are: toddlers, preschool children, school-aged children, and preteens and teenagers. They also describe the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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