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Women Trafficking and the Industry of Prostitution - Research Paper Example

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Women trafficking and prostitution is now a global epidemic. Different organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, are trying to develop solutions to this global problem. One of the most controversial solutions to this problem is the legalization of prostitution…
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Women Trafficking and the Industry of Prostitution
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"Women Trafficking and the Industry of Prostitution"

Download file to see previous pages It is now a fiercely debated topic within the academic, legal, and social communities. This paper discusses and analyzes the debate over the legalization of prostitution. The argument of the paper is not to legalize prostitution. The points of the debate that the paper focuses on are the issue of ‘professionalizing’ prostitution, protecting the sexual wellbeing of prostituted women, and making a rational decision to engage in the industry of prostitution. But according to a large number of empirical findings, legalization of prostitution brings more harm than benefit to sex workers. A discussion of studies conducted in countries where prostitution is legalized is carried out in order to determine the actual nature and consequences of legalization of prostitution. Further research is needed on this subject in order to conclusively determine the merits and disadvantages of the legalization of prostitution. More country-specific studies are needed in order to decisively determine the universality of the harm prostitution brings to its victims. Introduction Prostitution is the ‘world’s oldest profession’. For centuries, women and children are dragged into a world that does not respect individual dignity and morality. Today, millions of women are trafficked into prostitution all over the world. Women trafficking and prostitution have been a challenging and complex issue for policymakers, the academic community, feminists, and social activists at the international, regional, and national levels. The problems posed by women trafficking and prostitution concern not just the abuse of women’s body by profiteers, but also the commodification and denigration of female dignity. The discourse on women trafficking and prostitution has spurred a rigorous debate on the legalization of prostitution as a solution to the growing problem of women trafficking. Prostitution should not be legalized. Prostitution will always be a form of ‘victimization’ because it is damaging to those who are involved in it. Legalization of prostitution will only further encourage women trafficking and prostitution. And prostitution could never be an unforced or voluntary form of labor because victims are not able to make a rational decision to take part in prostitution. The choices of these women are limited to economic survival only, which prevent them from making rationally based decisions. Prostitution is always involuntary and coerced because it is rooted in universal supremacy of men over women and is naturally and essentially a contemporary kind of sex slavery that is abusive, demoralizing, and damaging. The Debate Prostitution is widely described as a ‘crime without a victim’, particularly by those who argue that it should be legalized. But the truth is prostitution is a form of ‘victimization’: it is damaging to those who are involved in it, and it is usually coerced on an individual by several factors, mostly by poverty. Legalizing prostitution does not raise the status of the women; it merely professionalizes the industry of prostitution (Kara, 2010). Ditmore (2011) explains that the supporters of legalization of prostitution generally do not understand that legalization implies decriminalization of the entire industry of prostitution, not only the women trapped in it. But supporters of legalization respond to this by arguing that if the sex industry is legalized, it “would be subject to standard labor and occupation safety regulations, and it would be easier for women to fight the abuses and crimes that accompany their work” (Flowers, 2011, p. 49). Majority of prostituted women view legalization of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?572640 Prostitution Prostitution, the oldest profession in the world, always generates a variety of opinions. Some believe that it should be illegaleverywhere, no exceptions. This line argues not only that selling sex is immoral, but that making the profession illegal will protect people from diseases, drug use, and sex trafficking. Others, taking a more liberal view, believe prostitution should be legalized and heavily regulated so that those who participate in it know that they can only do so with narrow parameters and any straying from the acceptable line will be severely punished. This point-of-view points out the financial benefits of taxing the profession. A third...
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Trafficking and Prostitution it would give the best coverage to hide and grow the 'prostitution' business, in other words the cross roads to trafficking. Special provisions that reflect the vulnerability of women in poorer countries are no other than prohibition on trafficking in women, female infanticide, maltreatment of women who give birth to girl babies are listed explicitly in 'Rights Relating to the Person' (Edwards & Roces, 2000, p. 66). Trafficking According to Human Rights Watch (1999), a US based non-government organisation, "Trafficking - another form of sex slavery depicts such an illegal and highly profitable...
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...going to stand up as a normal respectable person ever again. The basic grounds behind prostitution are poverty and trafficking, the society should try to overcome the causes of prostitution in order to make improvement in this regard (Stark, pp. 37-41). When there would be no or less input in to the processing of prostitution industry, the output would obviously be significantly less. Social and cultural groups should not boycott the people involved in prostitution business as much as possible in order to realize them what do they not have even if they have huge sum of money. Other important cause behind prostitution is...
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...Prostitution Prostitution a. What would be the consequences for society if we could effectively halt the practice of prostitution? If prostitution can be stopped, one can see that men will have more respect for women and at the same time, women will also respect themselves more. A halt in the practice of prostitution will mean a halt in sexual exploitation and sexual harassment (Farley, 2010). Crimes such as physical assault and rape of women prostitutes may also be reduced. Stopping prostitution can reduce the proliferation of organized crimes which operate...
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