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Video Games: A Boon When In Good Hands - Research Paper Example

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Media is one of the most influential aspects of human life. It has a strong hold on people’s thoughts, decision making and behavior pattern. Especially, young people are affected and influenced by media to a great extent…
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Video Games: A Boon When In Good Hands
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"Video Games: A Boon When In Good Hands"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, most of the people blame media for everything wrong that happens with young people. It is not surprising to know that video games, which are one of the strongest aspects of media, are becoming target of people’s rage and resistance. Video games have become an inseparable part of young people’s lives. Due to its attractive nature, interactive element and thrilling experience, it has caught the fancy of young people all around the world. However, the adults think that video games are cause of violent behavior in children and young people. The concern about negative effects of video games on adolescents has led to many researches in the field of psychology and medicine. However, it was found that since the 1990’s the rates of all violent crimes have been dropping drastically and dramatically (Freedman 8). Also, the rates of crime and homicides are dropping when the violence and bloodshed on television and video games are gorier than at any other time (Freedman 8). This shows that the popularity of violent video games has nothing to do with the rates of actual crimes (Freedman 8). Contrary to the belief that video games affect young people negatively, researches have found that video games enhance the good behavior, social skills and educational skills in them. However, researches have also found that playing violent video games for long period of time do have negative impact on the physiology and behavior of a person. But it can be said that it is not the video game, but the choice and the time spent by player in playing game that is responsible in generating the effects of video games. Hence, it is not the video games that are harmful, but it is the way in which it is utilized that decides its effect on player and so the players should see to it that they play healthy video games and keep themselves from getting addicted to it. Social benefits The positive effects of video games are not just based on assumptions but are proved true by ample amount of research studies (Gunter 115). The literature providing the evidence for positive psychological effects of video games on young people has been growing with time (Gunter 115). The evidence provided through these literatures is based on the research conducted in clinical treatment settings to study the effects of video games on youngsters, and not just on the informal observations of the effects of video games on the player (Gunter 115). Interestingly, the understanding that video games make young people isolated and lonely, is also proved wrong. In fact, it has been found that playing video games increases the social skill of young people. Study by Favaro (1982) has reveled that young people can increase their social skills by playing video games (Gunter 115). This happens mostly when young people get together with people from their own age group and go to arcades or video game parlors to play video games (Gunter 115). Egli and Meyers (1984) found that development of friendship and social interaction takes place at arcades (Gunter 116). This was similar to the act of sharing and copying of games software which encouraged the Shotton’s computer game dependants to contact and develop friendship with other players (Gunter 116). The fun, competition, thrills and discussion about the games that take place between the young people in group enhances their social interactions and social skills. Hence, the idea that playing video games make children insensitive to others, or socially incapable, is wrong. Not only that, but video games are found to be beneficial in family bonding also. Research by Mitchell (1985), to study the effects of playing home video games on family members revealed that home video games increases the bonding between family members (Gunter 115). By creating an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Video Games and Violence made by the video game industry that the video games have no association with these criminal offenses. A very good example is that of a robbery that took place in the year 2008 and was carried out by a group of teenagers in New York. The group comprised of approximately 15 teenagers out of which 6 got caught. These teenagers carried bars and sticks and they surrounded cars and carried out their criminal acts of snatching money and valuables. They were caught red handed while they were trying to carry out a robbery on a van. This was only possible after the complaint of a woman who got fell victim to their act of snatching. The police...
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