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The Composition II cource - Essay Example

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The Composition II course has helped me significantly in terms of being given the opportunity to write different essays and apply research principles in creating written works that comply with the standards stipulated under the American Psychological Association (APA) format. …
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The Composition II cource
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"The Composition II cource"

Download file to see previous pages As one reflected on the activities that transpired during the course, the following details provided appropriate responses to the relevant questions regarding writing skills mastered, possible applications of these skills, the use of research as a foundation for academic essays, and finally, the changes in perception of oneself as a writer and researcher before and after the course. In this regard, the aim of this essay is to proffer pertinent information after reflecting on the writing and research skills gained and developed during the course. What writing skills have you mastered during this course? I have figured out how to write a proper APA formatted paper among other skills developed during the course. Prior to Composition II, there has always been a vague understanding and recognition of intricate details of different writing styles. By providing the comprehensive information needed by students to observe guidelines and rules in writing essays using the APA format, I mastered the tools needed for proper citation, referencing, formatting the title page, including the needed header, page numbers, abstract, and other important details. Further, by being assigned different essays to write, one has developed skills in observing correct grammar, punctuation, choice of words and language, making a draft and reviewing and editing one’s work. ...
I plan to use the lessons learned from writing a proper research paper in my future classes. One is aware that different courses require writing academic essays and research papers that require the skills developed during the course. Application of these skills would be put to further test in other courses and in one’s future career. Prior to applying for defined positions deemed appropriate for one’s profession, through the skills developed, one would therefore be able to create an effective resume and cover letter which would be used in future applications for employment. When accepted, writing skills would also be used in the preparation of inter-office correspondences and reports that form part of one’s responsibilities. Communication would therefore be enhanced and expertise in written works would prove to be a plus factor for promotions and professional development. Skills in research would also be used in one’s future career in terms of seeking updated information that needs to improve expertise in one’s field of endeavor. By regularly researching on new academic journals that contain new information influencing one’s career, one exemplifies assuming a proactive stance and thereby prepares oneself to meet unanticipated and unforeseen events. Competence in both writing and research would definitely assist in thinking and communicating outside the box and in being prepared for events that are not normally part of everyday life. How has using research as a foundation for your academic essays strengthened your writing abilities? I found that my writing is better, more structured now than before. The techniques for researching needed topics enabled me to seek more in-depth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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